Chapter 253 - The Dizzying

Chapter 253 - The Dizzying

He served as king and gave Cassandra the title of nobility. King Gilgamesh once offered the girl to take revenge on those who did cruel things to her, but she refused and still allowed anyone who had the power to visit her.

She loved the kindness of king Gilgamesh even though the gods hated all his actions. Cassandra had offered to be by his side, but he refused. She thought Gilgamesh felt hurt by his offer of revenge.

So she asked to stay at the border of Uruk. She let anyone in except humans. She could not carelessly predict the gods, but it was straightforward to see the future of humans. Ultimately, she created a barrier so humans could not see her castle.

"So that's why she is nicknamed the cursed princess?" asked Kitsune.

"Right," Alex replied. It's possible Gilgamesh kept Cassandra's data a secret so they wouldn't interfere with her life. Including she knows that King Gilgamesh is now with Enkidu, and the woman predicted Ale
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