Chapter 263 - Interacting

Chapter 263 - Interacting

"Yes, sir," Neos said while bowing his head in respect. They continue what they have learned before. He looks earnest and pays attention to every word Mala and Alex said.

He rewrites himself in his notes, and Alex is amazed by his hard work. No wonder when he completes his tasks, he is helped by all the letters that Gilgamesh has. It didn't take long for Enkidu to enter without a welcome.

Gilgamesh withdrew his hand to sit down to study all that had been prepared. At first, he refused Gilgamesh's invitation to replace Mala, who was about to leave Uruk.

"Where are you going?" Enkidu asked.

Neos as the representative of Mala's answer explained the situation between them. Enkidu put on a sad face and said he had only known them for a while. He enjoyed interacting with girls. The brief meeting between them was reasonably short.

"Are you sick, Neos?" Enkidu asked. King Gilgamesh looked at his butler because he had always made an unc
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