Chapter 264 - The Faltered

Chapter 264 - The Faltered

Neos wants to marry Mala to king Gilgamesh. Alex pulled the collar of the shirt Gilgamesh was wearing. He didn't care even though it was made of gold and even though it was the king's regalia. Gilgamesh did not remain silent when he received such unpleasant treatment.

People had just entered with gifts to give to Mala. The facilities were so many and almost filled the palace. Who wouldn't refuse such a gift? Not only that but in the unique row, there were a lot of suspicious scrolls.

They introduced the pile of papers, including the treasures and mines that King Gilgamesh had always managed. King Gilgamesh pulled up his oversized robe and set it on the seat.

He tries to win over Alex so that, as a fellow man, it turns out that there is a misunderstanding between them. As king, he would settle this for Alex, nor did Gilgamesh accept Neos' treatment without his knowledge.

"Do you want to deal with me more than this, Neos?" Gilgamesh
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