Chapter 265 - The Fable Agora

Chapter 265 - The Fable Agora

"We can use the tent," said Kitsune innocently. Alex smiled as he looked at Kitsune, wanting to pinch him. The expressions of the people there waiting for the correct answer why he refused Sanao and Nana's invitation.

"Because… I'm not ready yet." Alex said doubtfully.

"Okay," Sanao replied. Nana also didn't mind following the girl from behind. The trip this time took quite a long time because it moved with a group and did not use horses.

It didn't feel like the night had appeared and the sun was sinking. They were tired enough to walk and agreed to sleep tonight. The tent they used followed the number of people who would sleep there.

The more people who join, the more and more spacious the contents of the room are there. Mala shows her supplies while working as a temporary assistant. She knows this will happen, so Mala takes half of the safe there.

Not only did Mala, Sanao, Nana, and Sia do the same thing, it's inco
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