Chapter 289 - The materials and supplies

Chapter 289 - The materials and supplies  

He sought an opening to leave, and with Sia's help, Alex finally flapped his wings, he did not have time to hide until Yi Sun-shin, and the right people looked up to see his strange figure, and the enemy soldiers were getting scared to continue the attack.

Alex wasn't sure if his power could tame them. He felt like he had seen an incident like this, namely the fight between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Their fight summons the irrational fury of nature, and he asks Mala how to stop them this time. When Alex asked that question, she wasn't sure if her answer worked to stop them.

"Hey, you guys, stop it! Damn bastard!" shouted Mala.

No one thought that culture would cause new problems at a time like this. This war had to be won by Yi Sun-shin himself so that Alex could harvest the artefact that was talked about some time ago.

Actually, with no one's help and using only one of them, the ship's army of 1000 ships was very
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