The villans soldiers attacked on the heroes and their dragons. The dragons confuse and flew in wrong direction. In that way they listened the voices again of strange meaningless words. The dragons followed the voice. The heroes on the back of the dragons are confused so much. They followed the voice and went to the place that where the sounds coming. They saw the strange person again. They asked who is he?

 He replied that, " I'm 'Alex', I'm the protector of the natural powers. I stored the powers in that 5 eggs. But u took them. Many years ago a bad god is turned into a devil. He used many powers and combined them and created The DARK POWER. It is auto controlled power. 

Then all gods decided and created five NATURAL POWERS . But there is a problem because the dark is made with more powers and it is very powerful than natural powers.

The gods and devils fought , Finally the gods won. But they couldn't kill the dark. So they kill the devil and locked the dark in space on one planet. The gods create me and gave me some defense power to protect the natural powers. They are stored in the eggs, on that day I went out, Then you too the powers". 

Then the heroes replied that ,"will return the powers by tomorrow, we have one small work.There is another three devils, we will punish

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