Sent to Another World to Protect an Unfriendly Princess

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Sent to Another World to Protect an Unfriendly Princess

By: TheHaoboSpatula OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I was nothing, useless to everyone. No one loved me, no one truly wanted to be with me. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared before my eyes. I had forgotten basically everything about my old self. What have I truly lost? I was summoned to another world. This was my second chance. I was brought to the other world to protect Lucia, a weak, airheaded princess, who was meant to be the next ruler of the land. She didn't accept anyone else, why did she accept me?

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  • Naughty Snail


    Such a good fantasy read. Action-packed adventure with ample humor to accompany it. Keep'em coming author.

    2022-03-24 15:05:41
  • kazumi


    Really good novel so far

    2022-02-19 20:36:20
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46 chapters
Chapter 1 - An Afterlife with a Useless Goddess
  "Yahoo!"   What was this?   I thought I was dead.   "Hey, you alright there? You look like a zombie."   Huh?   Someone's speaking to me?   "Ritsu~"   They're calling my name?   Light gradually flooded into my eyes. I looked around myself, it was like I was sitting on a still pond. The ground seemed weirdly blue with no shades or effects of light.  

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Chapter 2 - Clench Your Life Within Your Hands
I managed to regain consciousness after that weird ray of light.I looked around, it was definitely a forest. There were thick rows with hundreds of trees, I was sitting on the dirt beside one of them. The trees were all eerily thin, but their number was enough for the forest to seem very dense. It was pretty dark as the trees were all unusually bushy at the tops. Is there where I'm going to die for the second time?Beside me were the sword and the book that the goddess had given me.  I might as well find out how to use this sword of mine...I grabbed the thin boo
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Chapter 3 - Fight For Your Life No Matter How Much It Hurts
I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my body. I had felt something like this before, actually many times before. It was a feeling quite familiar to me. All of my concentration was focused on the aggressor's movements. Suddenly, I noticed that he was lowering his staff towards me, instinctively, I moved my head to the side. The front of his staff flashed white before crystal formed and was shot out from his staff piercing the trees behind me."Ah!"The girl screamed as several trees collapsed after being smashed by the crystal.That was close.The entire area suddenly
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Chapter 4 - Why Was I Given an Impossible Mission?
"Ritsu.""Ritsu."I felt someone tugging against my shirt. Slowly I opened my eyes, adjusting to the bright light. My body was still pretty sore when I tried to move around but it was significantly better than before."Huh?" I said with a yawn."How long are you going to keep sleeping for?"Oh."I'll get up now."Celestia was sitting on a stump from one of the trees beside me."It's getting pretty late, do you have somewhere to stay?" The girl asked me.

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Chapter 5 - Frantic Conversation at a Mansion in Another World
We took seats on some white antique-style couches. It was a huge room, furnished with a coffee table, rug and several other antique-looking ornaments. I placed my sword on a little side table.Celestia sat next to her dad. She took one of the pillows from the couch and placed it on her lap, she was also being hugged tightly by her older sister on the other side. Her sister looked around my age with the same blonde hair as the younger sister.I was sitting on the couch opposite it."What was your name?""Ritsu, Ritsu Takamiya.""Nice to meet you, I'm Alfonso Regas.""Nice to meet you, too."<
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Chapter 6 - The Life I Used to Live
  I had almost forgotten everything about myself since I died.           **   This was my chance.       Trials for the state team.    My entire life, I've been seemingly held back. I always thought my skills were good, no, I knew they were good. I was no less capable than any person in all the teams I'd been excluded from.   I eventually made up a little story to keep my mental s
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Chapter 7 - Jumping Across a Border in Another World
The morning had finally come.After a brief wake up call by the maid, I made my way to the living room. Alfonso was sitting on the couch waiting for me."One of my guards will escort you across the border. It's best to keep your sword easily visible in the carriage so the border guards don't find you suspicious."He grabbed a little sachet of money."This should be enough for you to last a few days in Gavaria. My guard will pay the border crossing fee. You should be aware that they will do an inspection of the entire carriage and your clothes.""Thank you.""Here, I also had a sheath made for yo
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Chapter 8 - Caught in a Bar Fight in Another World
"Hey." "Hey!" "Are you alright there?" The pain gradually subsided. "What's the matter, you look like you're in pain." "I-I'm alright now." That was weird. Maybe that was something important to me. "Here, have some water." The guard passed me a drink bottle. "Thanks." Gr
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Chapter 9 - Stuck Between a Bar and a Place of Poverty
 For god's sake. I was lying on the ground, with the girl still in my arms. The man had pushed over a table and some chairs, sending them flying into the wall. No one else decided to help in this situation. My clothes were beginning to get stained by the smell of alcohol. Also, it was at this moment when I realised, the voice I was hearing was my own voice. It likely wasn't just me thinking to myself, however, because the morals and decisions andthat the other me was making were slightly different to my current thoughts. 

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Chapter 10 - Signing Up to be an Adventurer in Another World
  Ow... my neck was quite sore.    Some strands of hay were stuck to my clothing and now my clothes had a smell of livestock alongside the alcohol. I looked over at Chloe who had hay stuck all over her hair and was drooling as she slept.   "Ritsu?"   Chloe looked around for me after barely waking up.   "Yeah, I'm here."   Turns out the stables were not a very comfortable sleeping area.   The two of us gradually pulled ourselves up.   "So where are we going no
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