Seven Legendary Sword

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Seven Legendary Sword

By: Azure Luster OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Starting from a man named Zerlan Nestrayel who was 22 years old, accidentally met a man named Shira. Their meeting, as fate had promised. At that time, Shira had just been injured after fighting a man named Ortus. Shira who was injured, couldn't hold on for too long, gave himself a letter, which contained a few words and a hint to guide Zerlan, to a place. That place, was Shira's possession, which contained a sword called Caeruleus. The sword, Shira had deliberately kept it, was waiting for the right person. Not carelessly, people can use the seven legendary swords. Only those recognized by the sword, can use its special power.

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Fate Has Planned Everything
“Hemm… what a very beautiful sight!” Zerlan was completely mesmerized by the appearance of a large mountain in front of his eyes, the mountain gave a million beauties. The air in the morning is cool with the sun so soft the situation is perfect for doing exercises. Zerlan intends to take military training so that he can become a great general in the future. Before that, he had to train his body, it would be funny if he took part in the selection, his body didn't have muscles or looked emaciated, especially since the initial selection usually tests all physical strength. If not prepared, Zerlan will surely fail. Zerlan has been training for the last five years, now he is 22 years old. His body was filled with strong muscles, but muscles alone would not be enough to give him the ability to face the upcoming obstacles. There were many enemies who had great strength, and he was just an
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Don't Be Joke
Zerlan very carefully put a bandage on the old man's body. He didn't want the man to feel pain due to his carelessness in closing the wound. He was already like an experienced doctor, but actually this was all thanks to the injuries he often received during the training. He must be able to take care of himself, as a man who lives alone. “You are quite proficient in this kind of treatment!” Praise was given to Zerlan in gratitude for the comfortable sensation he got after all his wounds were bandaged. "No, I'm used to concocting medicine to treat wounds, it's all thanks to me always doing strenuous training!" "Exercise?" The old man was silent as he stared at Zerlan's body, a very muscular body. Indeed, there are some scratch marks on Zerlan's body which are proof that what is said is true. “Actually, what kind of training are you doing? And what made you train so hard?”Read more
Shira glided like he was riding the wind, he came to Zerlan. At that time Zerlan glared in surprise.“Come on, move my feet!” Zerlan felt his whole body go numb when he saw the arrival of Shira was like a tiger ready to pounce.The position of the hand holding the sword at 12 o'clock is similar to that of a tiger's claw, then the sword is swung very quickly. "Uh!" Bur, Shira had to be surprised. Didn't expect Zerlan to suddenly jump backwards so that his sword attack missed. “Huh…!” Zerlan took a deep breath. “Barely! This man was indeed that legendary knight. I have to be more careful!” Zerlan confidently believed that Shira's move could be blocked by him. That belief he held firmly in his hand along with his sword. But, Zerlan was too naive. Shira did come towards him, but the old man's movement speed was more terrifying than Zerlan h
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Accidental Meeting
"Ugh!" Zerlan wakes up after having quite a strange dream. He looked around the sky had turned dark. "How long have I been sleeping?" Zerlan tried to get back up. "Grruu!" However, his stomach made a sound. “Ouch… not again! I forgot that today I haven't eaten!" Zerlan rubbed his stomach while he walked away.He hoped that there would be trees with edible fruit. After walking for some a minute, Zerlan didn't find anything, his stomach rumbling even more. “Huh… I guess I can't seem to go to that place! I will starve to death here!” A feeling of pessimism began to eat away at Zerlan's body, but he didn't want to give up. His feet were still walking hoping that in front there was a place that provided food.It didn't take long for Zerlan to see a black smoke. Logically, the location of a deserted forest has smoke that appears, of course there is activity there. Zerlan immediately walked towa
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The Treasure Your Are Looking For
It's been 5 days since Zerlan had met the unknown woman. “Hmm…!” Now he was walking in the village of a small village. The village looked very prosperous, the smiles on the faces of the residents were very obvious. “Ouch… it turns out that I have to go through the hills again!” Zerlan was silent when he saw the direction he had to go through a large hill that was quite high with a fairly steep slope. A dangerous journey awaits Zerlan's arrival. Although Zerlan in his village often goes up and down the mountain, but now the situation is different now his body feels very tired due to a very long journey, his leg muscles feel very sore if he has to keep climbing high roads. “Huh… I have to be strong! Just a little bit more!” Zerlan threw away thoughts that would only lower his spirits. He again pumped the spirit in his heart and stepped towards th
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The First Battle Full Terrible Felling
Zerlan has no more purpose than to return the sword he found. There was a strange turmoil going on in his body. "I don't want this sword to affect my mind too much!" Zerlan was interested in owning the sword, but he still held on to his initial stance that he wanted to return the sword to Shira's grave. On the way Zerlan met a man wearing an earring on his right ear with long hair like a woman. "Who are you?" Zerlan felt a bad feeling from the man. His eyes narrowed sharply when he saw a strange air from behind Zerlan's body. “Oi… what are you carrying with you?” asked the man in a slightly suspicious tone. "What do you mean?" Zerlan was already very tense, he already thought that the man was a robber who deliberately wanted to steal the sword behind him. "Don't play with me!" The man furrowed his brows.Whoo
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He So Confiused
Elengka advanced slowly as Ortus wished. After Elengka was close enough Ortus said, “Good! Just stay there!” "Arrgh!" Elengka didn't expect that Ortus would use magic energy to blow his body away. Elengka's body part was extremely painful, like it had just been hit by a giant hammer. If he wanted to, he could have retaliated against Ortus, but Elengka prefers to relent because he still respects him. “Alright, you better get back to doing what you want to do!” Elengka got up again and said, "Okay Master Ortus, I'll be leaving soon!" His head was bowed with sharply pointed eyebrows. After Elengka left Ortus was still thinking about what really happened. Even though Elengka's failure could not be tolerated, still what the man said was worth thinking about.“Hmm… is this a sign that someone has
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Reality Has Bitter
"Uh?" Zerlan stared at the sword. “How really strange this sword! I thought that my hand would get stung like before, but now…” Zerlan's eyes were diverted by the smoke that appeared. From a distance black smoke rose upwards, the location of the smoke came from a village not far from where Zerlan lived. "What happened!" Zerlan immediately went to the smoke, a bad feeling began to surround his body. *** The smoke comes from a village called Vofuri, the village has a population of about 150 people. It may sound very little, but there everyone can live comfortably without discrimination from the outside. "Did you manage to keep everyone in this village safe?" asked a large man, a large ax resting on his shoulder."Already! We have everyone arrested here!” replied from the thin-bodied subordinates. "Tch... this is how many of t
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Sign That Make You Must Be Serious
Zerlan was confused whether he should believe the mysterious man's words. His heart was confused, especially since he had dreamed before that six people were wielding swords. Each sword pointed at him with sharp eyes. "Are you still confused?" asked the man. “I will tell you about the history of that sword! The sword used to have no owner, from the very beginning it was a disaster for anyone who dared to wield it! The sword just appeared when everyone was trying to be the greatest. When the other six swords have gained the user only one sword that cannot be controlled is the seventh sword and that sword is currently in your hands!” The man's index finger pointed at Zerlan, his gaze was so sharp he couldn't take his eyes off Zerlan's faceZerlan slowly turned his head back towards the sword beside him. "Is it true this sword has a curse?" “If you still doubt what I say, then I will prove it to
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A Compatibility of Strength
There's no point for Zerlan to keep complaining, he wants to quickly find out the reason behind the destruction of Vofuri Village. On the hill he looked out over the village. "Goodbye Naila!" Don't know where Zerlan should go, he was only able to follow the wind. He had been walking for about two days, his goal was now to visit a city called Nanzazura. The city has a fairly large population, there are many species like elves and beast humans. Gruuuu… Zerlan looked at his stomach. “Why should I be hungry at a time like this!” He decided to look for food while resting his legs which were quite tired from walking.Zerlan chose a shop selling food like dango. "Welcome!" said the tavern owner, his face so serious as he looked at Zerlan. “I want to order food!” "Okay, you choose a s
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