Mr.Unknown and our heroes accept a deal.He want the Power Ring from the Queen Stella.Then he will give the information about the door and the person who killed the Abhay roy.So they accepted the deal with unknown.

But Unknown said anyone of your five should be here. Because I don't have trust on you all.So Himakar said I will be here.Then they four went out of city and met the shady.

Shady - What happened guys ? Where is Himakar ?

Chaitanya - Both plans are failed.A new mission is there for us for our answers.And Himakar is with unknown.

Shady - what new mission was ?

Dhanush - Stealing the Power Ring from Queen Stella.

Shady - Are you serious guys ? Its not easy . You can't fight with her soldiers .I you did well but you can't escape from the city.

Maniking - Ya , but this time no violence .Could please tell about her full biography?Get in the car.

Shady - Ya sure. Mainly she is from another planet.

Heroes - What .... ?

Shady - Ya she came here before 250 years ago.She had married he
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