As the deal they stolen the power ring from the Queen Stella and escape without any violence. They five went to the Unknown's place again.

We brought the Power ring as our deal. So now tell us that where is the door opener controlled is they .And tell about who killed Abhay Roy. Then our deal will finish.

Mr.Unknown - OK first show the ring. And put in the stand before you. It will scan and says is it real or fake. Then only I will say you.

So they kept the Power ring on the stand. Suddenly it was teleported to Mr.Unknown. They also shocked.

Maniking - Why are you cheating us ? We brought the ring na . So as per our deal you should say.

Mr.Unknown - Don't worry heroes I will place .But you will not alive if you go there.

Himakar - No problem tell us. They will not be alive if we go.

Mr.Unknown - OK then let's see who will alive .

Mr.Unknown told the coordinates of that place .The place was in the Himalayas. But he didn't told about who killed Dhanush's father. He disconnected and wen
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