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After many thousands of years, the flame of war between human clans and demon clans continued to cause chaos. However, in just a few years in the future, one kingdom managed to bring harmony to these two clans. Come and go as you like but never harm. If you do, punishment awaits you. Zeliker (Demon Prince): I wish to see the peace created like the Eskimos Kingdom. Stiria (Human Princess/Duo?): It is not impossible. You are from the demon royalty. Maybe your presence will create the peace you seek. We are here to help you, Zeliker. Sektar (Human King): You want to marry my daughter? Are you not afraid of the hatred from your father, the demon king? Nekruis (Demon King): I'm going to see the princess who captured my son's heart. If she is unworthy, might as well kill her before she taints him more. Author Warning! This is a dark novel. Some parts may contain scenes that are unsuitable for underage such as abuse and torture.

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"This world is very fascinating. Full of life but… Living is either too hard or too easy. Such is the world of the fittest. And only the strongest being can move on..." A man of unknown age was looking at the magnificent palace in front of him.Since the beginning…The Flink Kingdom was one of the demon's strongest capitals. If a war between humans and demons ever occurs in another kingdom, that demon's kingdom will be helped by the Flink Kingdom. The outcome would always become their victory. And for proof, the Flink soldiers brought home their awards for helping that demon's kingdom.      Ten men, three women, were presently caught alive by them. They were human soldiers. All their actions, limbs and even their mouths were sealed tightly so that none of them could flee.      "Watch them! Their meat will be feasted on by our royal family tonight!" Ordered a demon captain to his underlings.   
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An angry demon with shiny black hair, long to his waist, cut the two other demon's heads with his sword. Because they were supposed to be watching his son!      Other demons who watched it were afraid and have paled at his cruelty. Their eyes scattered away from seeing it further. Not because they were sick of the punishment but because they didn't want the angry demon to notice them next.      "I won't take not found as an answer to my son's disappearance! Either you all find him or die!"       The angry demon roared as he swung his blood-covered black diamond blade, making the blood on his blade splatter to the dark floor beside him. His glowing red vertical eyes glared at the demons in his throne chamber.      Nekruis Asterostes, Flink Kingdom's king and father to Zeliker Asterostes. He wore an all-black long breaker cardigan on him. Like Zeliker, he has pale skin but a breathtakingly
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Gizelis rubs his neck. He looks embarrassed about something. Such appearance confused Zeliker more. He thought he would see the realm of death where other dead people gathered. Gizelis had a chance to do it. So why?"Why didn’t you kill me?" He asked again with a deep stare."Erm... Because you saved my life a few years back...""You're joking. Save you? Heh, I didn't save you. I just have enough playing with you." Zeliker's eyes went to the left when he said it.Gizelis stared at his reaction.What an obvious lie.He thought with a smirk on his lips."Oh, really then? Well, whatever. Now that you're awake I have to bring you to our king. Oh yeah. I need to remind you that you can't use your power, breach the collar or hurt anyone," he told Zeliker about the collar order.Does that mean I can run away?Zeliker's eyes lit up."No running away either..." Gizelis laughed at Zeliker's hopeful look.Zelike
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Zeliker refuses to bow down or kneel in front of Sektar and his sons. He has his pride as a demon prince and he intends to keep it that way. He peeks around before staring at Sektar.Gizelis and Riseptos who in front of Sektar already kneel to their king."We have brought Flink's prince, Zeliker Asterostes, to meet you, Your Majesty," informed Gizelis.Sektar nodded. "Rise."Silvert and Gizelis stood up and went to stand on the side. They watch Zeliker who ignores everyone and the supposed etiquette.Will he be fine...?Gizelis didn't doubt it. After all, Zeliker doesn't seem to care about everyone watching him.Sektar stood up and went to Zeliker but not too close. He knows that even a collar can break loose if he wasn't careful. He wondered why this demon prince looks so calm and acceptable to be taken away from his home.What has made this demon prince look like this?There's no anger, violence or pressure released by
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Zeliker curled his lips when Gizelis cleaned his wound with alcohol. It stings him hard like a poison. His body shook with sweat as he panted heavily. He has long forgotten the pain since the last time. And, he would have never thought after two years of living in Flink without doing anything would weaken his pain resistance. He. Really. Needs. More. Exercise!I can't believe he restrains himself from fainting.Gizelis felt admiration towards Zeliker without knowing Zeliker's internal complicated feelings."Enough Zeliker, let your body rest," Gizelis told Zeliker.Zeliker had to agree. He needs to rest and his body begs him too. He already felt some dizziness and was unwell. His sight also seems to turn darker and darker. At least Gizelis won't hurt him during his sleep since Gizelis didn't hurt him after he fainted either.In his own home, if he was only taking a few minutes of nap, some demon would ambush or assault him. It was a training lesson
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"Your Highness, your order," Riseptos asked Xcerox who put down his hood away. They never thought such an incident would happen near their royal city. Xcerox was watching Zeliker before he turned to Enta."Rescued the people first. Then, we can continue our journey. Ashla, Frix, you go with Riseptos. Me, Gizelis and Nish will wait for you at Gizelis's home." He ordered them."Yes, Your Highness!"Riseptos and Frix along with Ashla, the only lady in the team, move out with their horses."Gizelis, tied this person and interrogated him later.""Yes, Your Highness."Gizelis went to grab Enta but suddenly Enta moved to throw something on the ground. A gas bomb explodes but does not harm anyone. Zeliker frowned and looked in the direction of Enta's flees.Ah... He escapes... Whatever. It's not my responsibility to capture him anyway.So, he just does nothing."Damn, he ran away." Nish's brown eyes glared at the pl
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Who's bombing them?! Xcerox landed smoothly after the throw. Same for Gizelis and Nish. They were quite startled by Zeliker's quick action in saving them."Why did he save us?" Nish was still doubting it.Royal demons as he knows throughout history had never given compassion to anyone. They were selfish, arrogant, wick and so evil. They were nightmares to humans."Nish, on your right!" Xcerox yelled at him.Instantly, Nish pulled out his sword and clashed with a sharp polearm that was aimed at his head.The enemies are here!A lot of demons came out of the bush near them. All of them were wearing a slave collars. Zeliker was fighting with Enta who appeared again with another demon. He has no intention to help Xcerox and the others. His hands were full."You got me into trouble with my master!" Enta scolded Zeliker.Zeliker smirks. "I thought I was helping you get free."He kicks Enta away while dodging a blast of wind to
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"My liege, can you tell me, why are we going to eradicate that place?" Silvert was running behind Zeliker who was speeding up in a direction. He can hear a group of people over there. He thought there was something there that made Zeliker look grim."Silvert, do you know about Divest?"Silvert almost stumbled when he heard it. "My liege, are you telling me those people over there have something to do with them?!"Zeliker shrugged. "Maybe.""It's just a small group. They might not be them either. As far as we know, these people like to capture humans for us. Unfortunately, they do their job poorly and now human royalty found out about it. Such poor management, they need to be destroyed." Zeliker's eyes reddened.Truthfully, he just wants to kill them for helping the high demons get what they want. But, Silvert might think him weird and soft towards humans so he had to change his words a bit."Understood, my liege!"You could have just
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"Is it okay to leave them there?" Nish asked because they were now running towards the base.The slaves were left where they were fighting before."They are free anyway. It's up to them what they want to do." Gizelis replied while hopping over a big stone in front of him.Suddenly, two demons appear and attack him. Gizelis bent his body backwards and escaped their sharp claws to his head. He also unsheathed his two swords fast and immediately cut their knees.Their necks were stabbed by Nish and Xcerox's swords. They have no choice but to do that because these demons seem more aggressive than Enta and the other slaves. Both demons died instantly."My god! That scares me!" Nish let out a sigh of relief.Because the day already turned to night, it was hard to see anything around them. They can only use their senses to feel their surroundings."They are also demon slaves. It seems the kidnappers already know we are here. Hurry! We need t
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Sektar turns his eyes back and forth between Zeliker's group of three, and his son, Xcerox and his group of three."He's so cute!"Silvert was stroking and rubbing Hoogles fur happily while Zeliker was staring lazily outside. The sky already brightened when they were called to the throne chamber. As for Xcerox, he was explaining about the kidnappers to Sektar.Sektar rubbed his forehead. Didn't his son suppose to bring Zeliker to hide? Why did they return? His son could have let the knights handle the kidnapping group. But, he was grateful for Zeliker and Silvert's help.These two might not be so bad after all even though they were from Flink.Unfortunately, his subordinates might not be optimistic about them here. He can see how rigid their bodies were after looking at Silvert.Another one has appeared!They were thinking the same thing."Father, the rest of the kidnappers have already been killed by Silvert and Zeliker. While
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