Himakar - We are humans like you. On that night when Maniking's building colapsed ,Alex gave us some natural powers which are haunted by many aliens ,monsters.

Colonel - Why should i believe you? And who is alex ?? Why u guys went to Freedom -14 country ?

Alex - I am alex and what he said was true,But how u get the information about us. OK we went to that country to know that who killed Abhay roy and why ....

Colonel - we knew about you by that video which is posted by a strange guys from Fredom -14 country in the whole internet.Now the whole who world knows about what you have done at yesterday night in himalayas.

As they were in thier conversation a phone call came and colonel got orders to release heroes. And angrily colonel said to them to leave that place and go , But they dont know what happened they all went to their houses. In morning every one got a call letter from Chris Robort who is a Number one business man. They all shocked and went to his office at 10 'o clock . They al
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