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The blasphemy of the word of God and the end of all things is the beginning of nothingness. "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I Yahuah do all these things". YESHA'YAHU 45:7-7 Prologue The abomination in heaven and hell was so great that it affected the earth with rebellious angels and demons populating and polluting the world of men with abominable and forbidden acts. God formed an alliance with his demon son Satan (Heylel) to purge the world from evil without man's knowledge of Armageddon. Now, the balance of creation and fate of the mortal realm rest on the shoulders of an unforgivable sin formed six thousand years between an angel and a hybrid demon (a half demon, half human) who produced the unthinkable that would save humanity from the wrath of the rulers. This is the story of PATRINITY the TRINITY

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Man of God
In the year 1645 A.D in Rome (Roman Catholic Church) in the holy see residence of vatican where exorcism takes places by some group of popes on a possessed young girl. The exorcism was tough as it took ten priest to relief the victim of evil spirits called legions.The victim was tied to the ground on a pentagram symbol having inscriptions on it and on her forehead with candles been lit. Father Samson held an incense with holy water, Father Damian held the cross being the leader of the exorcism he also wore a rosary, Father Jude prayed with his chaplet continuously, Father Marcus held on to the holy book to read aloud the words for exorcism, Father Paul held an extra holy water and sprinkled some on the possessed girl as the rest of the Fathers prayed along.They all recited in order foreign tongues and languages, calling on Mother Mary for intercession as the possessed victim screamed out loud who's voice sounded like that of a thunderous tempest. She began to tear the place apart, u
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The sons of God part 1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And if he called them Gods, unto whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken; but in this beginning the Word wasn't with God, God was against the world for it drove God to madness that he waged war upon the Aeons. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Heylel (Lucifer), son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! If God be loving why was his son Sabaoth snatched from the seventh heaven of chaos?, Why did jealousy came into being from God?, If God always kept to his word he wouldn't have repented from them; truly this makes God a liar and the father of it all. Truly if there were no other Gods to whom will he be jealous of, or does he classify them as man made gods as references to his fallen angels or does these Gods have what it takes to scorn the power of God?, If so why haven't they stop God?, Why haven't they revealed themselves to us?, Or is i
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The sons of God part 2
Eons ago before the creation of the universe, before the existence of humans before darkness ever existed what lies beyond the fabric of reality is untold mystery. Perhaps, this side of the story was never revealed to us, perhaps it was a blasphemy against our beliefs. To answer the unanswerable question of the century, the answers that lies beyond and within the universe. What was our creators like?, What were they doing before the humanity coexist?, We're humans once like them who they've long forgotten whom they were?,. Well, I'll tell you it all started during the coronation of the GODS between the time of the aeons eons ago."Alright everyone. Gods and Goddesses", said the heavenly presenter. "I'm your host for the tournament of power and the champion of the gods hosted right here in this very arena of the aeons"."Today, a new God will be coronated to rule over the universe by the supreme ruler and father of ALL. Self begotten, self made, one and only.... Give it up for the unbe
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The Sons of God part 3
"Where do we start looking for this garden of Eden?", asked Isaiah. "When all is complete", replied Patrinity. "The garden of Eden isn't a problem to locate but by going there now will be of great danger for you. Things that you need to know in other to escape the wroth of God"."What we really happened in the garden of Eden?", asked Isaiah "I'll love to know the other side of the story of creation aside from the one Moses described in Genesis".THE COSMIC RULERS MOLD ADAMAt that time the chief creator then expressed his opinion about humankind to those who were with him. Then each of them cast his seed into the midst of the navel of the earth. Since that day, the seven rulers have formed humankind with his body like their body, but his likeness is like the human who appeared to them. His fashioned body came into being one part at a time, and their chief created the brain and nervous system. Afterward the person appeared like the one before him. He became a person with soul, and he
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The sons of God part 4
Rakael an angel, Arstikapha a demon, Armen a demon, Kakabael an angel, Rumyel a demon, Danyal an angel, and Kael a demon. These are the seven entities that emerged out of nothingness to aid the demonic possessed Statue of Buddha who punched the ground and made Patrinity loose balance as the sword of the spirit fell from her grip. Rakael flew over and took the sword as the massive giant Buddha tried crushing Patrinity with all its might. She avoided been crushed while battling with the seven entities furiously. On to the massive Buddha she flew over to the top of its head where she was able to get hold of Armem who tried slighting her throat with her sharp claws, she broke free and was able to use it against her slitting her throat wide open. Kakabael blew a mighty wind from his wings that pushed Patriniy off balance, falling outside the temple, Isaiah seeing this went into hiding when they all came out."Do you really think it is possible to kill us all", said Rakael. "Now that we po
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The sons of God part 5
My child, this world was never ours to come;For we were casted put of paradise, what we thought was perfectionwas actually the greatest flaws in all of creation,Listen to my words and as you grow in abundance so will the obstacles in your waysThey turn a deaf ears to our prayers, They cause hardship upon their creations; yet those who know are free from theirTerror and wroth, those who lack wisdom suffer for their ignoranceFor whatever I say unto you, heed to every words that proceedeth out of my mouthBefore the heavens and the earth was formed, we were united in harmonyIn oneness were we all are in unity, till misconception came in and produced deathKnowledge is the basic principles of all things, that even which the Gods lack and yet do not foresee, for in their wisdom lies foolishness in the sight of menFor in the sight of man's wisdom lies foolishness in the sight of God, Then why ye deceptively trick with the sweet cunning words of lies. Yet they promised to work to
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Perfection Part 1
Was it not foretold that the sins of God lay waste upon the earth and everything there is will perish for thy maker of all things hath sinned against the entirety. For who is it that sinneth against the entirety?, Who was it that sinned earthly?, O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.Yet the Gods speaketh lies, For whatsoever that hath sown rip upon the earth with disaster conceived of evilHast thou not known the truth, hast thou not be enlightened of the word of wisdom. Forsake the word of God and that of the holy Quran which is blemish. Curse be unto that which claimed to be holy and practice it not,Curse be unto any religion for thy trespasses against holiness,Curse be unto the blind faith of faithlessness,Hast thou not be told of the true gospel which is knowledge,Hast thy eyes not been opened to the wonders of your forethought,What more can ye seek when they behold the truth in unr
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Perfection part 2
Come, let us reason together. It is not good because I will it. I will it because it is good.You were not made to simply do My will. I am well able to accomplish My own will without any assistance. They aspire to submission and obedience without question. Trained animals do the same. You do yourselves wrong to idolize or imitate sheep. I do not promise away the lives or lands of anyone. I do not deliver enslaved children and stolen possessions into cruel, bloodstained hands for misuse. I neither destroy cultures, defile sacred places; nor burn books and people. Truth requires no coercion.Never would I grant divine sanction to criminal conquest of the peaceful; nor deprive the honest of what is their own. I do not choose any one nation to reject or diminish others; nor privilege one brutal kingdom above the rest. I never chose one people from out of all and set them loose to murder, plunder and rape. This alone would prove Me unworthy of your reverence. None may rightly mani
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Perfection part 3
This creation story begins before the beginning; before space and time and our material universe. Before the beginning, in the absolute stillness outside time and space, pure consciousness abides in thoughtless, unlimited potential. Imagine, if you will , nothing exists but pure consciousness. Consider this consciousness to be without thought. No thought, no images, no structure or form. No thing at all. This consciousness simply is. Without time, without any prior existence. Unchangeable. Unmovable. Without beginning; without end. Utterly quiet. Utterly still. Utterly alone. All knowing seeing, what is there to know? All what is there to see? All loving, what is there to love? Omnipotent wisdom and will to what end? Imagine this consciousness giving birth to an emanation of itself now a Father, and a Son. In the silence of the Absolute, the Father brings forth the first and only Son from its realization of Itself. The Son exists as the Father having a thought. As the Father knowing I
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Perfection part 4
Logos and the Fullness sought a solution to overthrow what had come into being through the Deficiency. With the blessing of the Father they produced a Second Order of Powers, patterned after themselves. Creating the Second Order of Powers. This new fruit embodied numerous abilities that were better and greater than those belonging to the Imitation. Moreover, the Second Order Powers were formed to fit inside the limited space of the boundary rather than the infinitude of the Fullness. The Fruit of Logos and the Fullness were fitted to the Boundary. And, whereas those of the Imitation were blind to the glory of the Father, this new fruit dreamed of Paradise and the ALL.These happy memories gave them a good disposition that elevated them above the sickness of the Imitation. With that good thought, they worked in harmony and love, for they had come forth from the harmony and love of the Fullness and the Father. The Second Order of Powers reflect the values of the Son and all of the capab
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