Dhanush - Ok then ,Will you introduced us for your friend princess LARA ?

Lilly - Ya , If you are good only.

Himakar - Ya of course we are very good people. We are heroes of our planet.

Lilly - Oh, You both from which planet ?

Himakar - We are from Earth.

Lilly - Oh nice.I heard about that planet .It is very big than ours.I love it.

Himakar - You love it ? Don't worry one day i will take you to the Earth . And I will show the whole universe also .

Lilly - Great ! Thank you. Come let's go .

Dhanush - Tell about Lara .

Lilly -Ahh , She is 22, She a kind girl.Her mother died at her childhood.Her father ( the King Zando) doesn't care about her . And she is my best friend.

Lilly took they up to princess Lara.Lara is very cute and lovely.Dhanush liked her very much.

Lilly - Lara! Whats you doing ? Here are my friends, they want to meet you.So I brought them.

Lara - Hello! Nice to meet you .What do you want from me ?

Dhanush - You .

Lara - What ?

Dhanush - Sorry , I mean your
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