The Pervert Mage: First Peek

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The Pervert Mage: First Peek

By: Kurt Dp. OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Alex Lopez, an 18-year-old boy who always gets bullied and is being rejected by everyone suddenly got killed and was reincarnated into another world. Upon being given a second chance at life, he suddenly encountered something that will change his life forever. In a world where magic exists and blooms, will Alex Lopez who now goes by the name Abraham Warlock survive this one of a kind life? Witness as Abraham Warlock do his first peek at the adventure to come. He is the Pervert Mage.

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  • Eric Lavin


    just wanna read the one book...don't wanna pay for chapters I can't read!!!

    2022-11-21 11:59:13
  • Adamantium


    just write the story as normal. im already reading the vincent miles story, i want to keep reading about Abraham Warlock. just give me the regular book back please. with many more chapters to read. I finished whats available in about an hour and a half, i need something that lasts a week at least.

    2022-07-29 20:08:44
  • Enrique Chavez Zabala


    usoy la primera en comentae

    2022-07-08 01:42:04
  • swiftcode alpha


    Why am I paying extra to read the promotional books embedded within this story, I am only interested in this story! If I want to read the other stories, I will go find and pay for them! Pls continue with the story proper and don’t make reader waste time and money for what they didnt want!

    2022-08-01 17:18:38
  • Matthew Ross


    Original storyline great. It's been months now. Yet the author is still posting promo chapters of other books. Changed my rating from 5 stars to zero stars because of this.

    2022-10-13 08:50:49
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94 chapters
Life lived without anyone caring. Miserable, quite indeed. It was another rainy day in the city of Dreams and hope, and Alex, a boy who got rejected by all was walking with an umbrella on his way home. The already heavy rain poured much heavier, as the streets were already flooded. It was a good thing Alex wore his rubber shoes and wears no socks today, well, he has no socks to begin with. He walked down the alleyway which he regularly walks through to get to their house. After a few minutes of walking, he reached their house, and it was this two-storey and simple house in the middle of Manila. Alex entered their gate and that’s when he took off his shoes and put it at the corner of the patio. He closed his umbrella and puts it in the rack and then, he went to knock on their door then opened it.“Huh? You still have the nerve to come home, you bastard?!” bellowed a woman sitting in a rocking chair.“Yeah! You don’t belong here, murderer!” yelled Alex’s blonde sister as she stormed int
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6 years have passed, and Abraham is now an 8-year-old. It was a sunny afternoon and he was laying on their grassy lawn and was covered in dirt and a few minor bruises. Besides his right hand was a wooden sword. He has been training under his father on how to use a sword. It has been a year since he started, and he is slowly getting good in using a sword."How long are you going to doze off, Abe?!" Filbert bellowed as he kicked the legs of his son softly.Abraham opened his eyes that are the same color as the sky and he sighed, because another painful duel is about to happen again. He stood up, jumped up and down to get himself back into the groove. He then picked up his wooden sword from the grass as he resumed his stance. Abraham attacked first and Filbert blocked the attack. Abraham swings his sword to his father's left ribs, but Filbert just parried it. Filbert hit his son on the shoulder blades and that felt like a sword just stabbed on Abraham. He backed away as he needs a bit of
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The next day, Filbert started rebuilding the room that has been destroyed because of the sudden magic awakening of Abraham. While he is at it, Abraham is with his mother and headed down to town to consult with someone who is a great mage. Abraham feels weird. It was if power was running down his whole body like a raging river. It’s overwhelming him, and it’s not a good sign. Because if a magic of a person overflows, it’ll be disastrous. That’s why they are heading to this person that his parents know. It’s for him to know how to control his powers, especially when it has the potential of being a rare one. After a few minutes of walking down the streets of the town of Ozo, they reached this small house that is at the western end of the town. Josephine and Abraham stepped on the front porch as Josephine knocked on the door thrice.At first there was nothing, but then,“Who dares to disturb the sleeping mage? Curse shall be upon those who disturbs the great mage of Ozo.” Says a very cree
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Solitude, grief and every heartache are the only things that existed for Alex. He doesn’t know why he is remembering it right now. Nevertheless, it was that cursed day when everything went hell. It was August 12th and it was an afternoon with the skies crying. Alex was walking alone under his trusty umbrella as he was tasked to buy his grandfather some medicine at the pharmacy. As he was walking, he then looked in front of him to see a dozen people who is the same age as him blocking his way. He was then dragged into a tight alley and the people suddenly forced Alex to give them money. Alex, who didn’t give away the money that was supposed to go to his grandfather’s medicine, got beat up by the kids. Alex was beaten into a pulp until he couldn’t even see a single image anymore. The surrounding was blurry, as he lays on the ground with thick red liquid getting mixed up with the rain puddles. The kids were laughing as they then stripped Alex naked and then they stole the money from Alex
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It was a Sunday afternoon and an already 15-year-old Abraham is taking a peek at a hole in this bathhouse. The bodies of the girls were spectacular. Their proportions were just out of this world. Some have their bushes shaved, but some haven't. Not to mention their boobs that differ in sizes. The girls were soaked in water, which made them extremely hotter that it turns Abraham on. This is his daily routine. Every day Marge asked him to do some chores, he takes a detour and do some perverted stuff. Just like peeking through a hole in this girl's bathhouse. His nose was basically bleeding as he is seeing those fantastic bodies. He really wants to rub one off, but he can't, since he might get caught, again, peeking into a bathhouse full of girls. As he is greatly entertained by this fabulous free show, he suddenly felt something. He turned to his right to see dozens of men, holding some broomsticks and are glaring angrily at Abraham who grinned at them. He then looked through the hole a
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The next morning, Abraham woke up with a start because Marge was literally banging his head with her walking stick. Abraham sat up as he rubbed his head,“Can you wake me up like a normal person?” Abraham asked.Marge chuckled,“I will, if you weren’t someone who is like cooking oil when sleeping! Get up and change your clothes, go down and eat breakfast. We’re going to go to the guild hall today.” Says Marge as she went down ahead of Abraham.After changing clothes, Abraham went down to eat a little breakfast. A simple loaf of bread and milk is what their breakfast for today. As they ate while dodging plates, Abraham looked at Marge who was reading newspapers again,“What work would I have in that hall?” Vincent asked.“You’ll know when we get there. I pulled some strings of mine to get you in that a guild. No matter what job it is, take it. Because it will help you increase your knowledge about being an adventurer. And if you’re lucky enough, then you can become an adventurer in no
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The work was perfectly fine for Abraham. It has been a week since he started this job, and it was working beautifully. The amount of information he gets every single day is just outrageous. Adventurers who comes back from their jobs, order some booze to have their bodies relax after long days of being in the field. They fight monsters for a living and do almost everything to earn money, that’s how this world works. Abraham, who is now in the kitchen and was waiting for something he can serve. He wore this brown and white uniform. After a few minutes, the food he is about to serve arrived and he then went on to bring it to the people the ordered it. Two big trays that have plates of food is what he is carrying while walking through crowds of adventurers that is all over the guild hall. This is a normal situation here in the hall, especially when half of the adventurers are now here after completing a job. The major requirement for being a server in the guild is that you need to be care
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This is Abraham's first all-out battle, so he was pretty nervous. Their enemies are monsters who has no other goal than to kill them all and eat them. Luckily, he was at the rear of the group along with some more rookies, so they are working together. With his trainer sword, Abraham slid on his knees and then slashed the legs of the incoming monsters. The fellow rookies behind him then grabbed the chance and slew the falling monsters. Abraham stood up as a cyclops was heading towards him. One veteran adventurer caught the hurtling club of the big one-eyed creature as Abraham took the chance to slash the monster in half. The fight continued as it is intensifying every minute. As the fight goes on, Filbert and his party suddenly arrived due to the fact that the employer cancelled the job. But what they saw was not the welcoming town of Ozo. It was an all-out battle with the monsters. So, they all drew their weapons and then charged at the battle. Their party was known for being one of t
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Abraham tried multiple attacks on piercing through the thick skin, however, none of those ways worked as the giant's skin is just too thick like it was made from ballistic glass or something. But this is when Abraham came up with one great plan. Guns! But guns do not exist in this world as people rely on their own magic to become weapons and activate cannons. The giant then swung his club down as Abraham avoided it. He was about to try another slash when he realized that he could make his sword hurtle like a bullet at full speed. But to do that, he needs distance and time to conjure lightning and then throw it at the monster. So, to do that, Abraham ran away from the giant as far and fast as possible. He went south to lure in the giant. And due to its lacking intelligence, it followed Abraham while letting out a weird and creep laugh. Abraham climbed up this big boulder as he raised his sword up to the sky. He concentrated his mana as he then chanted the spell,"Lumer Kid La." He yell
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The fight began with Abraham clearly overwhelmed. Demons are S-class beings, but some of them are just B-class. However, the ones Abraham is fighting are definitely S-class. Their magic power was intense, not to mention their blood lust. But one question kept bugging Abraham even though he needs to focus so that he wouldn't get killed and be eaten by them. And that is why are demons here? Aren't they supposed to be in the demon realm? What the hell is happening? However, those question won't be answered, he needs to live another day to find out. Fighting 3 S-class demons was just too much for Abraham who is just a server of the hall and is not even an adventurer yet. But if he is to rank himself, then he is at least at between E and D-classes. He doesn't know. He trained to fight monsters, not demons. That is why he is struggling, as he was now on the defensive side, which then again, was not a good sign of this fight. Abraham swung his sword to the left, but the demon there dodged it
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