Sealed: Breaking Destiny

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Sealed: Breaking Destiny

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Luke Steward was a well-known character in the small Ludwit City. A famous drunkard who roamed the streets reckoning of alcohol. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The man that the people of Ludwit City saw was nothing more than a facade. In reality, Luke was one of the Aurora Continent's most infamous villains, Shadow, who was now hiding in the small town of a remote kingdom. Three years ago, he had been cornered by a powerful organization and was forced to sacrifice his power and seal his cultivation in order to survive. Luke, who did not consider himself a villain, but a misunderstood hero, must now complete his goals while keeping his identity hidden. How far will he be willing to go in order to enforce his twisted sense of justice?

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"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." A thunderous cry of agony came from the mouth of Luke Steward, who on the Aurora Continent was better known as Shadow. Since its creation, many heroes and villains had set foot on this continent, but Shadow was likely one of the most famous.Extravagant. That's the word most people would use to define him. A villain, who contrary to the norm, didn't care in the least about hiding and committed his villainous deeds in broad daylight.While the popular consensus was that Shadow was a scary villain, he did not see himself as such. He considered himself a true hero, one willing to break with order and rules in order to bring justice. Public beheadings? An almost daily occurrence. Blowing up the royal palaces of different kingdoms? A boring trick. Turning the streets into rivers of blood? His favorite activity.All this could make out that his nickname, Shadow, was nothing more than sarcasm, by which people made fun of him. However, Shadow was a nickname he earned dur
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Ludwit City
Three years had passed since the great battle between Shadow and The Circle that took place in the site that was now known as the Forsaken Mountain located in the Rolemor Kingdom. This was an event that captured the attention of all the inhabitants of the continent. Many doubted the veracity of Shadow's death but, considering his character and the fact that he had been missing for several years, everyone finally concluded that the great villain that once tormented the continent had moved on to a better life.At first, both the major royal families and The Circle had strong doubts about his death, employing an enormous amount of resources to find his whereabouts, but in the end, they came to the same conclusion as the common people. The human being's ability for self-conviction was certainly to be feared....Three years ago, Luke had also thought that blowing up the pendant would sentence him to death, but he couldn't have been more wrong. The pendant had teleported him to the outskirt
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Nine Seals
It was just another day for Luke. He would get up, take a perfume bottle filled with cheap liquor and spray it all over his body, as well as fill a bottle with fruit juice to make it look like he was drinking alcohol. Also, Luke obviously wasn't stupid, so he put black and white dyes in his hair, and wore makeup to look like a man in his fifties.Everyone in Ludwit City thought Luke was a drunkard, but it was just a character he was playing. One of the main rules of assassins was to always keep a cool head, something he had learned the hard way during his youth, so it was impossible for him to get drunk on a daily basis.The routine was simple, go out around lunchtime to beg for money and then spend the rest of the day wandering the streets or in some shady bar. The truth was that he didn't need money, as he had stolen enough on his journey to the Doira Kingdom and from the stupid kids of the noble families of Ludwit City, but it was necessary to keep up appearances. A person with eno
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Bastard Son
"Ohhh, look who showed up. Come sit with us and have some wine, hehehe."Luke only managed to take a few steps into the Piggy Bar before he was recognized by the owner of the place, Tristan Midwell. Tristan was a man in his forties with a big belly, who despite being the owner of the Piggy Bar spent most of his time drinking and chatting with the people of Ludwit City. Luke always ridiculed the guy by calling him 'everyone's friend'.Tristan had been the first person Luke had spoken to after arriving at Ludwit City, and with whom he maintained a close relationship to this day. It certainly wasn't that he enjoyed his company, but because he was one of the strongest people in the city. From the information Luke had with him, there was only one person stronger in Ludwit City: The City Lord, Anthony Merrick, who was a cultivator at the 0-Star Fourth Rank.Prior to the devastating attack of the Magical Beasts 200 years ago, the Merrick Family belonged to the nobility and resided in the cap
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Dropping a Spell Book
After a week of monitoring, Luke had a good idea of the routine followed by the three direct descendants. The group consisted of eight people: the three direct descendants and five guards.Aaron and Tilly had been in the First Rank for some time, while four of the guards were experts in the intermediate stage of the First Rank. The only person in the Second Rank was the oldest guard, who appeared to be in his early thirties.Luke knew all of this thanks to his Eighth Rank Core, which allowed him to easily see the cultivation level of others.After training for about six hours inside Rotten Valley, the group would return following the same route, passing outside the Piggy Bar. Unlike at noon, when the whole group would go together, on the way back Adam would walk quite far away from them."There's no way I can carry out my plan at noon. I must take advantage of the boy going away from the group in the afternoon and make my move at that time. I must act now, every day that passes is adv
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Assassination Masterclass
With the three guards following Luke, it was time to play a bit of a game with them. The first rule of an assassin was to prefer lone targets over those who were in groups.Therefore, the first step in getting rid of these flies that were bothering him was to get them to split up. This was not at all complicated, he just had to force them to seek him out separately.'I don't have much World Energy available, I have to do this perfectly. I can't afford to mess around with these guys for too long.'With this in mind, Luke sped off in the direction of a large alleyway and disappeared into the shadows. Escaping from them was certainly not very difficult, but doing so involved using his shadow element spells. Although the chance of them being able to recognize the spell was almost non-existent given the rarity of the dark element, if they reported the events to a more experienced cultivator there might be a chance they would recognize it.While The Circle had stopped the active search for
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Stepping into his house, Luke quickly opened the bags he had stolen from the guards' bodies and emptied their contents on the floor. He had suffered internal injuries that needed to be treated soon so as not to leave sequels.Although his Core had also been affected, it wasn't something considerable thanks to how robust he was. Treating his internal injuries was the most important thing.Luke ignored all the money and items inside the bags, focusing on finding medicinal pills. He spotted a few and swallowed them as if they were nothing.Given his previous cultivation level, he had consumed very powerful medicinal pills, so he had some immunity to lower quality pills. Thus, although the amount he consumed could have killed a First Rank cultivator, for Luke they were only enough to close and stabilize the wounds he had suffered."Damn it, I need to get higher quality medicinal pills no matter what. Now that my plan is in motion, I'll have to expose myself to great dangers and fight with
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A week had passed since Luke murdered the Rockwell Family's guards. Although they had initially decided to try to track down the mysterious cultivator who was responsible, they quickly gave up. It was surely not worth expending so many resources to avenge the deaths of three people at the bottom of the pyramid, especially considering that there were only five and a half months left to decide the new patriarch.Luke went on with life as normal, listening to the rumors in the Piggy Bar to make sure he hadn't left any clues, while also preparing for the new part of the plan.Night was soon to fall, so Luke decided it was time to go shopping for the basic ingredients for the poison. Thanks to the guards, he now had the 25 spirit stones needed to make the necessary purchases required to make the poison known as Weeping Smile.This poison was very special, as it was only effective against earth element cultivators like Aaron. In addition, it was very difficult to detect given its compositio
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Although Luke certainly had no desire to fight a Magical Beast on the threshold between the First Rank and Second Rank, especially considering that cultivators at the same level were weaker due to a natural issue, he had no choice.He had to kill this Three Eyed Fire Rat no matter what. If he failed, he would have to gather spirit stones again to buy the teeth, which would take perhaps how long.'I have to kill it no matter what. It'll be harder than I thought, but I should be able to do it with the World Energy I have available.'Focusing his gaze on the Three Eyed Fire Rat and making the World Energy in his Core spin at the fastest speed for the best possible effect, Luke suddenly disappeared from the tree branch he was on and reappeared a couple of meters away from his target using Living Shadow.The Three Eyed Fire Rat was surprised by the sudden appearance but wasted no time and reacted immediately. Its tail instantly grew and burst into flames, using it to attack Luke.Boom!Luk
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Once In a Lifetime Opportunity
'Huh? What's going on? The only times the seal shows any reaction is when I cultivate, but it's almost undetectable. Now it's as if it's going nuts.' This was the first time the seal had shown such a reaction, so Luke's surprise was understandable.Since he had managed to close his wounds, he decided to move closer to the direction from which the stream of World Energy was coming. He could afford to lose a few hours in order to find out what had triggered such response.He was in a relatively deep area of Rotten Valley, so he walked very carefully. Concealing his presence as much as possible to avoid alerting the nearby Magical Beasts, as Second Rank and even Third Rank Magical Beasts were bound to be in the area.Despite the risk this could represent, in his opinion, taking it was completely worth it. In these three years, the only thing he had discovered about the seals was that they were a creation from the time of the Great Amethyst Empire, so it was easy to see how important this
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