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The edge of the Attorgron forests lay about fifty miles to the east.I could get good water there, and it was closer to me than the other water source I was going to, but it had its own set of issues.One reason would be that my pursuers would expect me to head there for water, in addition to the cover the forest could provide us as we headed north; however, I would unavoidably run into the Attorgron people at some point along the way. I was a wanted man with a bounty on my head to them.Because of that, I was well worth the effort it took for them to locate me and inject me with one of those poison darts they were so fond of.Thank you;Instead of dying from poison burning my insides, I would take my chances out in the open.

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Chapter 1
The Prelude There was once a people on Earth known as the Vallian. It was a long time ago.They were people of the sword and were warriors. They lived with integrity and honor because of their belief in the creator of all life.All around them, the world was shifting away from the ways it had been since the beginning of time.They were despised by their adversaries for their unwavering determination not to alter and succumb to the evil tide of man's fall from grace with their Creator.In secret, the Vallians got ready to do the only thing left for them to do:leave the first world, Earth.They planned a way out of the disaster they felt was inevitable given the circumstances of the fallen Earthlings, anticipating a judgment.They left the place of their creation two hundred years before the global flood that the Creator had sent. Their preparations were finished.a flood that would wipe out the entire planet, save for one man's family, which was found to be pure and righteous.The Vallians
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Chapter 2
When we were young, we lacked a solid understanding of the concept of a fallen, sinful world and what it meant that one day everything would be set right.I wasn't entirely convinced at the time that anything was wrong with the outside world.When we had put our products on the market in the fall of each year, I had observed that the wider world appeared to be quite exciting in comparison to our modest hilltop home.We were looked down upon by those around us because our parents stuck to the old ways.The Zoarinian Empire, with its numerous great cities by the sea, was the world's dominant culture as we knew it.They lived their lives quite differently from my parents'.Surely so many people couldn't have done so badly in life to be deserving of their parents' ridicule?My parents' old ways may have been abandoned by the Zoarinians for a good reason.At that point, I had begun to consider the possibility that my parents weren't the ones who required change.As I thought back on that time in
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Chapter 3
Momma: "Special class?"You will serve your new master in the same way that I served Master Nivaron, but that has no bearing on the matter.The most important thing is that you will have good food and at least some ease in your life, which you won't get working in the field."No, Mother!I can't be told to do this by you!“Krista, I know what I'm asking for is terrible, but at least you'll get good food, a place to sleep, and protection from too much abuse if you do as your new master says.As a manual laborer, you won't last long in the cane fields!"To ask such a thing of me, I would rather die in a firan cane field and keep my self-respect than be a soulless whore like you have become!"Slap!"Krista, you will never talk to me again like that!I've carried out my obligation!After your father passed away, I cared for you and your brother!"You mean killed!In addition, what good have you gained by surviving?Mother, look where we are!Moreover, he is not my brother!”“Yes, he is, and what
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Chapter 4
After being pushed off the wagon by a guard, I had fallen face-first to the ground.I had tried to get up, spitting the dust out of my mouth, but another guard had me flattened out again.I had attempted to get back up, but a series of powerful kicks had slammed into my side, causing me to collapse into a ball in the sand.I had to repeatedly gasp to regain my breath because it had been difficult to breathe.Before attempting to get back up, I had looked up at my oppressor's face.Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart, he did not appear to be armed.He smiled down at me.The smile that was spread across it did not reach his eyes, and his face had the appearance of worn, cracked leather.I'll demonstrate to you what it means to be a slave, boy!I think your pretty face will be the first thing I teach you about!"He had jerked my head up and reached down with one hand to grab my hair.I knew he was going to smash his knee into my nose when he extended his right leg behind him.I threw mysel
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Chapter 5
In many places, the arena's walls were not strong enough to contain the raging animals inside.Our captors probably believed that the elephants would focus entirely on eliminating the human ants that were screaming for their lives around the arena and would not attempt to escape on their own.Regardless, they probably planned to kill the elephants near the end.I had briefly explained my plan to the other fighters, who had listened intently, barely daring to hope for even a chance of escaping the horrible death that was in store for us all inside the arena.We didn't have as many of us as the Rauin men had, but that didn't matter because we weren't going to fight the beasts.We boldly stepped out and attracted the three elephants' attention when the rusty iron draw chains raised our dungeon doors with a resolute creak.We charged straight at them rather than flitting aimlessly around the arena to avoid our superior opponent.Some of us had fallen when we first came into contact with the th
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Chapter 6
As a result of the boy sleeping over by the fire, it had seemed like the best place to begin redefining my life's purpose was with good deeds, or nobler goals, other than my current pursuits.Despite the fact that it was too late to turn back now, I was not at all certain that I had taken the correct course in transforming my character.Both the boy and the secret information that I carried in a waterproof bag on the horse behind me were my responsibility.I started on the road to achieving my goal as soon as I looked for an opportunity to rethink my life.A clever act of timing had brought me my new desire to change;which supported the idea that my life was part of a larger, more comprehensive plan.Again, I could see evidence of a higher power involved in the interaction of the daily emotional mixture that is life when I thought of my parents.They were who they were because of their knowledge of the Divine nature that underlies all creation's excellence.Because of the choices they had
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Chapter 7
Although I am aware that you regard me as your leader, I have never asked for or forced this position upon you.If you're being honest with yourself, many of you, as well as I, have become exhausted by this never-ending pursuit of vengeance."In response to that statement, several faces in my audience were expressionless.I must determine whether there is something better than being an enraged, escaped slave seeking vengeance.I promise to find you and share what I find with you all if I find what I'm looking for.It is difficult to leave, but I must! You have all become to me like my lost brother!"Can we not accompany you?"asked Seth, a fighter who was always in trouble and whom I had saved from trouble more times than I could remember."No, I have to take care of myself by doing this.I advise you to give up hope of ever seeing me if I do not return by this time next month.Disperse and give up this life of vengeance, as it is doing us no favors, if you would like some advice as you leav
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Chapter 8
woke the boy because it was getting dark enough to continue, and he awoke, startled.We mounted, and I led the way through the gloom, which was softly illuminated by the half moon's light.After an hour, I looked back and saw that the boy was almost asleep in the saddle because he relied more on his horse's instinct to follow me than on himself.I let him be and watched his horse's progress from a closer distance to ensure that he continued to follow me because it was working for the boy.Since we left Kharta, the boy had not spoken.I was reminded of the immense responsibility I had taken on to get this boy to safety in the Valley Lands as I looked at him now, hunched over in the saddle with a blanket covering him to keep out the cold.I ought to have left him behind for our mutual benefit.Nevertheless, I did not completely regret my decision.It would be worth the risk, at least in some ways, if I could make this boy's life better than mine.However, the boy had significantly altered my esc
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Chapter 9
“Stay back between these boulders, while I hold them off from the front.”“No!”Surprised, I glanced down at the boy, who had suddenly given proof that he could still speak and quite vehemently at that. “No?” I asked.“I want to help you!”I nearly insisted that he do as I had told him to do, but I glimpsed the desperate need in his eyes and thought better of it. I liked the boy’s spunk.“Okay then,” I drew my short sword from the holster on my back and handed it to the boy. The blade was just light enough for him to handle, without it being too cumbersome for him to manage. “Stay behind me and protect my back.”He nodded his head vigorously in response as he gripped the sword hard enough to squeeze impressions on the steel handle. He was still pretty much where I had wanted him from the beginning, but he was there under his own terms and I respected that as a sign of strength that hinted at the kind of stalwart man he would someday be. The sudden yipping and snarling taking place aro
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Chapter 10
“Is honor so cheap a sentiment that you’re willing to squander it all for a position of power and influence? You are, by this one act of treason, wiping out the efforts of all your ancestors before you to be free. The noble ideals that they’ve fought and died for, for countless generations before you, all gone now because of you! Just so you can have a bigger piece of a pie that in reality doesn’t even exist!” I looked him over contemptuously, wishing for a weapon so that I might slit his traitorous throat.One guard leaned over in the saddle and backhanded me across the face. It hurt, but I smiled back at him in return. He made as if to do it again, but the traitor motioned him to stop. “Jasper, if you live much longer, which I doubt, you will find out that honor has very little to do with helping one get through life comfortably and besides what would you, an escaped arena rat, know of honor in the first place?”The soldiers around us laughed as if it was a good joke, but I gave no r
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