THE FINAL WAR ØF VOLUME 3. ( With some suspended )

Finally after a big war Maniking and Chaitanya killed his soldiers and ordered Zero to give the ring part to them by himself. As the word Zero killed himself and gave ring part to them. And they went to spaceship .

After a big fight Zando was killed and they took the part and they are heading to their space ship And Suddenly Vener came to Zando's planet, So Himakar called Maniking for his help and they were heading to Zando's planet . Vener came with his full army to take natural powers and ring pieces ... Maniking & Chaitanya also reached that place .

Vener - I am warning you give me the powers and ring go from here.

Himakar - oh! Hey you if you were really born to parents come take or save our life from us .

And Vener started the war and they were fighting in the clouds because we know that in morning the houses and the kingdom will be on clouds , So the heroes aslo started and they are doing well and they how to use there skills againt them and where to use . Dhanush and Chaitany
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