Himakar - Who killed him ? And for what ?

Dhanush - The four business partners killed him for money. They created a fake documents. I checked them . Still one member is left . He was get alerted so he escaped. We should find him .Then my revenge will complete.I know the place where he will come today night.

They both went to the place and secretly waiting for the 4th person. He came there , they decided its the right time to kill him , but suddenly two monsters came and killed him. And eating him and talking about that ..

Monster 1 - Hey he is very tasty .

Monster 2 - Ya. Do you know that the natural heroes killed Vener . And one hero went to the Mortor planet ? He went alone to meet the Kwen (K).

Monster 2 - Ohh. I don't know .Don't disturb me , I will eat you if u disturb me .Always talking. Get lost.

Himakar and Dhanush were shocked and went from there to inform the information to them.But at that same time they reached the Liro planet and searched for him .Then they got the inform
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