Unknown Royalty

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Unknown Royalty

By: Beryllium OngoingFantasy

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Motivated by his determination to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, Nicholas Avenier prepares to confront the oppressors of his mother, taking the first step by entering in the most dreadful training camp in Sataraia where he will meet the first person on his list to take vengeance on. Despite doing the best he could, he will nonetheless experience failures. However, because of his unwavering determination and burning desire to achieve his objective, he will attract the attention of the most powerful person in the Kingdom, who will assign him a crucial job that will make his plan easier to carry out. Will he be able to accomplish his goal of restoring her mother's possessions, or will this simply lead to tensions as new people enter his life?

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My trainer, Imelda, instructed me to look at the target and fasten myself on the red dot as I struggled to concentrate on the target's exact center even though it was about 500 meters away and my arms were shaking as I had extended the bowstring."Release!" When I heard the cue, I let go of the arrow. I quickly drop the heavy bow and grasp the steel bar beside me. My arms are so tired that I can't even lift them. My energy appears to be completely consumed by the heavy bow."That's the lowest class bow, Nicholas, and you can't even handle it without your arms trembling? You wanted to be a weapon master, but look at you, relying on a mere steel bar to support you after just one shot?" she reprimanded as she began to gather the three different types of bows in front of me. She lifted the bow I used, loaded it with three golden arrows, and stood confidently, aiming at the 500-meter target. I was watching her every move and listening intently to everything she said.She fires the arrow, a
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"Careful!" I heard Imelda's loud voice. My opponent lunged at me with an insane speed. I jumped aside dodging his attack then jabbed his back with the other end of my spear. He regained his stance and tried to attack me again."Don't just defend Nich!" Imelda's voice sounds frustrated, and I can hear it. The quickness of this person makes attacking him difficult for me. He attempted to strike my leg with his lance, but I managed to leap back. "This distance should be enough," I mumble to myself as I channeled 70% of my remaining energy into my spear. Aiming it at my opponent, who was ready to launch another strike, I swiftly let go of the spear. He attempted to suddenly change his position from offensive to defensive while concentrating on my approaching weapon.I ran after my weapon, causing him to turn to look at me briefly as he continued to ignore my spear. After disabling his defense with my weapon, I smirk. I pounced on him and kicked the hand holding his lance, which made him l
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First on the list
I sighed and pushed open the door. "Mom, I'm home!" The aroma of chicken porridge assaulted my nose as soon as I walked inside the house. I dropped my things on the wooden chair and went straight to the kitchen, where I saw my beloved mother. "Knock, knock!" I remarked, leaning against the kitchen doorway. She turned around and surprise was very evident on her face. "Nicholas!" She came running over to me and gave me a huge embrace. "My son became more handsome over time." I laugh at her remark. She looks at me and touches my face saying, "You've become manlier since the last time I saw you, Nicholas. Have you been straining yourself? Please take good care of yourself, my dear." She, again, gave me one more hug. I was patting her back when I felt my shoulder moisten. "Mom! Why are you crying?" She sobbed, "I just can't believe that my son isn't the small kid I used to sing lullabies to anymore." I laughed as I dried her tears. "Enough dramas," she moved away and checked the po
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Eyes can't Lie
My brief vacation was quickly over. And now I'm returning to the training camp. I've spent the last days training, assisting my mother, and even teaching Tania some basic self-defense because she said it might come in handy.I've been also thinking about my uncle. Why hadn't I predicted this? Of course, as the King's vassal, he'll be there to watch the tournament."Nicholas? Is there something that bothers you? You've been zoning out since yesterday." My mother asks with concern.She has no idea what I have in mind. She is unaware that I already know our true identities. She won't like everything, therefore I've hidden it all from her. She kept her family information to herself. I put on a front that I was not interested in any of them, but when I was 17, I started to wonder why it was just my mother and me. Who are my relatives, where did we really come from, and, most importantly, who my father is?"I'm fine Mom. I'm just thinking about the tournament." I reassure her with a smile.
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The competition is divided into three stages. The first stage requires you to demonstrate your combative abilities. The King will choose names at random to fight against each other. Your skill with weaponry and tactics, as well as your stamina and endurance, will be put to the test in the second stage. The last one, according to Imelda, is where things typically become nasty. We can utilize any weapon we have at our disposal. And the last one standing will be named the winner.The King is presently seated in the northern section of the Arena, and the eight of us are arranged in a line in front of him. Alexander was sitting to his right and the director was to his left as he was seated. As I observed Alexander, he appears to be helping the king choose who will face whom.I closed my eyes firmly, trying to keep my hatred at bay."Milla Bryson of Rendyl, and Hugo Fortden of Fortden Barony." The King announced.As the first trainees are announced, the audience applauds in excitement."Lia
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Nature-Green Eyes
MillaWhat an idiot. I thought as the two trainers took the insane girl out of the stadium.I witnessed the Director sincerely apologizing to the King for what had happened. Maybe the energy affected the girl's brain, affecting her ability to think rationally.As soon as the next and final match was announced, I noticed Imelda's champion approaching the center. I once witnessed him engage in combat with the other trainees whilst Imelda was watching. I often saw him working out by himself. I never saw him not practice, whether it was with a weapon or simply his bare hands."Nicholas is fortunate. Ryner isn't that challenging," a guy named Liam said. I didn't bother looking at him since I didn't really care. He isn't the only one who has attempted to strike up a conversation with me. But I have no intention of befriending anyone from here. I may have been exiled from my homeland, but that does not mean I will instantly live like a Sataraian."You know, I'm
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Last Man Standing
NicholasIt's difficult to keep up when your opponent's strength involves agility. As I flee from these annoying arrows, I can feel the muscles in my legs tense up. I could sense Randen's presence behind me, so I tried to pick up my pace.When I reached the end of the pouring arrows and passed through the massive barrier, I noticed a large improvised tower. I slowed down when I spotted Liam crouching on the ground and Milla staring up at it with blood trickling down her left arm. At this point, I shouldn't be helping Liam because I have a battle to win.I picked up the pace and climbed the tower. I managed to pass through the first floor, but a wooden flank smacked the side of my torso, causing me to stumble slightly. As soon as I had a thought, I leaped onto the wood and used it to climb to the third floor, avoiding the spears that were about to pierce my skin. For a few seconds, I look down. I noticed the others
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"You finally wake up," a familiar voice said as I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by a wooden wall. "You were asleep for two whole days because you lost too much blood during the tournament," Mr. Hans explained as he handed me a glass of water."Sir," I said, struggling to get out of bed. "What happened when I passed out?""Obviously, Milla Bryson won. After you passed out, Milla was the only one who remained conscious." I exhaled, dismayed."I know how upsetting it is, becoming the champion is within your grasp but has suddenly become out of reach, this means that you have something more important to do than be the champion. Learn from what happened and try to figure out why it happened.""I'll go tell your trainer you've regained consciousness," he adds as he walks out of the room.I drank the water Mr. Hans had given me while staring out the window beside my bed. The event has been over for two days, and I'm curious what kind of awarding ceremony took place. I sighed and d
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"I told you not to push yourself to be the winner, Nicholas!" My mother said as soon as I told her everything that happened throughout the tournament. We're currently enjoying lunch in the dining room of our home."But I'm fine now, mom. I'm here standing strong and healthy," I say proudly."You stubborn child!""Don't be upset, my dear mother. I have a suggestion," I said. She waited for me to continue "You know I have to work within the Palace mother, and I was wondering if you wanted to move to the capital so I could pay you more visits.""No chance, Nicholas. I don't like where this talk is going," she continued to eat. "But, Mom, the capital is almost a day's ride by vessel. If you stay here I won't be able to visit you as often.""I'm okay with it, Nicholas. I can visit you, but I won't be staying in the capital," she said firmly making me sigh in defeat."All right, mom. But, please, stay safe here.""Nothing happened to me during the months you were gone, so I'm good," I nodde
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Eye to Eye
A high-ranking noble. It's been five days since we went to the Count's house and since I knew that information about my father. I kept my silence and did not dare ask my mother about it. Days passed by quickly and I just did my routine every day. Tania's joining me on my morning practice, and then I'll help my mother with her chores throughout the day like, going to the market and cleaning the house. Sometimes Reiss visits me asking about my final plan but most of the time bragging about his lover."Are all your belongings ready?" My mother asks as she checks the boxes full of personal stuff which I will bring to the capital tomorrow."Yes, Mom.""Nicholas, try not to involve yourself with the Royal Family too much or any other nobles. They are all dangerous, and no one but you can protect yourself from those of power." My mother said worriedly."Mom, I can protect myself and I promise I'll just do my job to teach the Crown Prince, nothing more." She nodded. I understand why she kee
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