Chaitanya - Who is Mr.O ,Alex ?

Alex - He is Mr.O , he is also a great warrior and he is my friend . But how you came here and why ?

Mr.O - My agent said to me ,that there is a problem here and you too are here.

What happened in Mr.O's kingdom is...

Solider - My lord ,a message came from Mortor planet sent by our agent .

Mr.O - What's that , read it .

Solider - " My lord Astron's army came to Mortor planet and they are taking the people into their space ships to their planet as their slaves and three members came and fighting aganist them so please help these people . Somebody are saying that they are Natural Heroes & There is your friend Alex also. " this the message came my lord..

Mr.O - (loudly) Soliders ready for war within two minutes we are going to Motor planet to save them.We should show our full power to Astron this us the time to revenge on the bloody Astron.

While they were talking a men sent a information to Astron . Astron seen then he rushed towards space ship and he o
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