The unliving sage

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The unliving sage

By: natoplus OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In an effort to save him from an untimely doom in the hands of a resurgent evil... but into another world full of wonders and rich in magic. nevertheless the hunting cries of corruption reeks in this world, as dante is forced out of his new peaceful life to fight against those that threats his second chance of peace in this new world, but is he ready to win the battle against mortal beings of pure evil, a ministry with dark intentions, monsters of endless bloodlust and even deities with power to bend the very cosmos to their will, to save the ones he holds dear... but is he ready to fight the battle against the most dangerous threat to all around him... himself

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The birth of a disaster
: "RUN!! RUN!! FOR YOUR LIFE!!!". : "RUN!!!" : "DON'T LOOK BACK!!!" The civilians were all running away from the chaos, caused by the great disaster the magical realm has ever seen. : "AAAAAHHH!!!!!" A monster at the center of the city shouted with a thunderous voice, which was so powerful it was able to clear the very atmosphere and caused a massive aftershock that shook the very earth itself. : "AAAHHHH!!!!!" The roar destroyed the whole city with little effort. : "hold the barrier ". The master of the dragon guild shouted for them to keep the roar from hitting the cities.CRACK!CRACK!!The barrier could no longer hold the mighty roar and shattered, but was still neutralized and caused the death of many guild members in the process.: "that monster!!!" The guild master shouted as he took a gaze at his fallen comrades. : "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!" It said as it used its power to conjure up a massive dark sphere that had a large amount of mana that was ready to lay waste to the en
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Nightmares from the past... blasted tattoo
Time skip .Dream worldI guess I’m back here to this place call hell also known as my dream where crazy shit play out. I can't stop it, I can't change it, I just can't avoid it. Well might as well live with it.Damn, the void really suck, hmmm let me try to find a way out of this abyss, oh on it's a void it's supposed to be endless whoa what a genius I am well might as well see what happens in this dream.And on cue, the once void had changed to a familiar sight, one that I wish to forget, .....The day I had lost her' the day I had lost my.......mother.: "YOUR DEAD TO ME DEMON". Shouted the dark figure. I guess that is my dad ...... I just can't take this anymore. As he was about to kill her ..... Again.: "my s-son..... Am so sor-".no no NO! Not again don't leave me again. As I tried to reach for her hand, she started to fade away into the abyss: "no no no NOOOO!!!!" I shouted at the sky of the abyss, I wanted to safe her but I was too weak to do so and now she g
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happening so I dead
Dream space.Dante P.O.Vthis is odd, why does the dream space feel different from before. Hmmmmmm, something isn't right here.: "hmm...does it have something to do with the wrist band father Alfred gave me." I said. As I stare down at the wrist band with a look of disbelieve and curious, as that how this material could alter my dream. Though I guess that It was a good thing, if not I could have lost my very sanity, and might have been corrupted and exterminated by the church and that was not on my bucket list.: "but still, why do I still feel like as if am being watc-."I said. as I was about to finish that sentence. I felt two eyes staring into my soul from behind me. As The very air around it was filled with despair and death. But still the entity is not moving.... it's just staring at me. And hell does it feels both weird and scary at the same time. But then the entity's form started to change into a more humanoid figure, but I couldn't still make it out as a thick fog started t
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It's all my fault...!
: "DIEEE!" the Shouted as he threw it down at us as the sphere had started leveling the sky scrapers. Executioner: "HEAVENS CRONICLES: HOLY GRAIL!!!!" father Alfred shouted as everything went white. Hmm......... am I dead: "NO UNFONTUNATELY, BUT I KNOW YOU HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS SO I WILL SPARE YOU AND ANSWER ALL FOR YOU." It said as I remember him from my dream but now I can see him in a humanoid form with two gigantic scythes and a mask and the mana from him is off the scales.: "w-who are you really." I said in a curious tone as he stood up from his sitting down position and raise both his scythe and stared at me as I felt this feeling of dominance through the air. Like as if he could kill me with his very existence.: "I GO BY MANY NAMES SUCH AS THE REAPER, JUGDMENT AND VERY KNOWN AS AZUL." as I heard that very name azul, I felt my legs gave up and I went down on my knees as I used all my remaining strength to raise my head up as am already losing my consciousness as my vision h
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: "t-this c-can't b-be h-happening....... J-just w-what a-are you t-trying t-to a-achieve t-to g-go to t-this v-very extent..... y-your h-holiness." One of the bishops said in both shock and misbelieves.As there was a huge magic circle that covered the whole sky.Somewhere in the fantasy realm:: "It can't be, how is this possible." said the figure in shock, as he saw the magic circle in the sky.: "the king must be notified by this." The figure said as the person had teleported away.Limbo:: "SO THAT WAS THERE TRUE MOTIVATE HUH. HAHAHA SO I GUESS THERE BACK." Death said as he saw the magic circle up in the skies of limbo.Back at the humanity realm:: "very well then if you must know then so be it. For I plan on joining the five realms together so that he can rule over it all.......and so for that to happen I resurrected the 12 executioners to make that possible for my chances of success has no flaw hahhahahahah." He said as he let go of the spell as the resurrection is now over. A
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good but not yet perfect, the emperor vs the sage!
Time skip 40 years in limbo:Dante p.o.v:AAAAAHHHH!i heard a loud roar coming from my back direction, as I sensed a large beast coming my way trying to swing his giant maze at me.: " you damn ogres don't just know when to give up huh." I said in annoyance but then had a smug smile on my face as I had dodged it in a blink of an eye as the maze was swung down to the ground and was now stuck which had surprised the ogre.: "W-WHAT, H-HOW?" The ogre was in awe by the inhuman speed I had displayed as it was all over for him.: "isn't it obvious. I'm just stronger than before.... Now be extinct." I said as it was frozen in pure fear as I just placed my right hand in front of him.: "MAGIC TECHNIQUE: SHATTERING LIGHT." I said in a cold tone as the ogre got covered by a blinding light like dome which then vanished with the ogre with, as the ogre was no more.Then suddenly I had clapping from behind me as it was death. Who as usual had a chilling aura that always gets under my skin.: "BRAV
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I'm risking it all but the battle shall transcend
'A-am just a-a f-failure'[Number of strategies decreased from 3 to 2]: "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!" he said as I reached the ground with so much force that I had bounced back up.[Number of strategies decreased from 2 to 1]: "YOU'RE JUST TOO WEAK, SO JUST STAY DOWN!" he shouted as he gave me a final blow to the face as the shockwave was too powerful that it was able to ionize the air around us making it to compress into plasma then it caused an explosion as everything went black.[Err0r e-err0r number of strategies unknown].BOOOOOOM!Death p.o.v:10 years ago in the limbo, during the 100000 demon onslaught trial:'Hmmmm it seem that the brat is actually making some progress.' I thought to myself.: "LIGHT INVERSE: FLARERING SPEAR!" the brat shouted as he had launched a giant spear of light towards a large hoard of demons, as the blast disintegrated them all in one swoop.'Interesting... he managed to form another spell making this one his 1000th new spell.... Fascinating.' I though
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