El Rapon was seen, seated on one of the white, gold festooned cushion chairs, in his room. 

Beside him was his favorite white wolf, and the obedient pet licked its master's feet, as he smoke his cigar.  

The young master looked forlornly and soliloquize alone. 

"As indispensable as El Capone's death is, it must not be traced to me."

Of course, people will talk. 

Not that El Ramon is afraid of people's gossip, they will talk anyway.

 But being a leader and an ancestor to be, his story must be made to be full of love and compassion for his people, and not for conspiracy and treachery. 

His hand must be clean, or at least, appear to the public to be!

A knocking on the door soon brought the lost man out of his reverie, and he instantly yelled at the one at the door to enter or get lost. 

"I'm busy and have no time for palace gossips and chit-chat."

A second later, a cowering man walked inside and promptly kneeled in front of the man on the seat.

"So sorry my lord, I want a few minutes with you. You can ask for my head after If my words seemed like a waste of your time."  

El Ramon glared at the man, the way a drunkard will glare at an unfortunate housefly that plummeted into his beer. "You have my ears, now speak." 

"I have a friend that works as a bathe-maid with your brother, and she is ready to help us."

"And how will she help us?" A bored voice asked back. 

"She will inform us of El Capone's movement, and we can attack him whenever he is not heavily guarded."

"Why will she betray her employer?" 

"Because she loves me."

"Love?" El Ramon asked back. 

How he hates those four-letter words with passion. 

Unfortunately, his life evolved around it. 

He will always remain a slave to his love for supremacy, for his brother's wife, and more money and wealth that the foreign merchants have to offer. 

"So she is doing this only for love?"

"Yes, she believed if El Capone is out of the way, then we can both get married, and live happily after."

"And you, what did you want?" 

"To marry her, and reasonable wealth that will sustain me and my little family."

"I don't trust her, and as a matter of fact, I don't trust you. But you can go ahead with whatever plan you have, and your desire will be fulfilled if you are truthful, but your head will leave your shoulder if I smell any trap."

"Thank you, sir, no trap, before all gods, I just want to spend the rest of my life with the one I love." 

El Ramon dismissed the man with a wave of his hand, watched as he scrambled to his feet, then smirked, as he raced out of his room.

Can he be saying the truth? Could his brother be so gullible to employ the services of a betrayer? What did the man want?

All these questions raced through his mind, as he sat, and stroked the furs of the quiet wolf. 

Some moment later, El Ramon's right-hand man walked into the room to inform his boss of today's schedule. 

"We are having a meeting with the Country P merchants today."

"You arrive in time, what is the name of the mafia that just left my presence?"

"Ho, you mean Kurt?"

"Aye, I want him to be watched always."

"Yes, my lord." 

El Ramon stood from his seat and walked after his man, and they emerged outside of the palace. 

Constructed on a large area of land, calling El Ramon's palace beautiful is an understatement. The building is large and covered almost half of the whole land, and every latest gadget was seen around, awaiting the royal whims. 

As for cars, El Ramon loved them, had them in different sizes and shapes, and also own a private jet that he just bought a few days ago.

Twenty mafias in their known uniform, raced closer, at the sight of their master, and they quickly entered the cars in line and were drove after the black limousine that is carrying their master away.

After hours of driving, the columns of cars halted in front of a large white building, and El Ramon stepped down in his impeccable white suit, white suede snickers, and a white cowboy cap, and walked into the building, and was followed by his loyal bodyguards. 

Locating the meeting room was not a problem for the newcomers,  as this is not their first time coming, so they walked straight and entered the large auditorium. 

"Welcome, your highness." The priest let out, standing along with his men,  bowed, and smiled as they welcome El Ramon to their midst. 

"We are happy that you appear, despite our sudden summon." One among the man let out. 

El Ramon walked majestically, and smile back, as the infectious smile of the men captivated him. He went to the chair close to the priest, sat down, then signal to the standing men to get seated. 

"May I know the reason for this sudden invitation?" 

"Yes, your highness." The priest stood up, bowed, and resumed his speech. "Our farms are getting ransacked and burnt down by your brother."

"I was aware of everything, and I am assuring you that everything will be resolved soon."

"We are not doubting your capabilities, and we are also aware of how strong and fearless El Capone is, we just want you to know we are ready to help in every way." Another man announced. 

"Be patient, Augur. My brother will soon be out of the way, you have nothing to fear."

"We need a shipload of opium in three months, how will we get our consignment when they were burning everything up?" The man called Augur asked.

"With due respect sir, we are losing, and need to restrategize before things get out of hand."

"I have a plan and am sure my brother will soon fall into my web." El Ramon said. 

"I have transferred a  million dollars into your account, and I'm assuring you that more is available, I just want to get my goods in due time." The priest announced. 

"Your goods will be protected, and the royal treasury will be supplying half of the opium." 

"Will your brother agree to deal with us? The board of trustees will not accept only your signature." Augur asked. 

"And we will not be allowed to sail out of the port if your brother refused to sign our documents." The priest let out. 

El Rapon waved the men's fear away with his right hand, looked keenly at them, and mumbled. "As long as my brother is alive, our law required our signature, but one of us can sign, only if the other is dead."

"Yes," the men answered back. 

"Six months is a long time, and a lot can still happen before then. Mishap happens every day, who knows when one will happen to my brother?"

Kurt was the lovestruck mafia, that fell in love with Ajasa; the bathe-maid of Al Capone, and he was seen walking in a well-crowded environment that served as one of the community markets and fun spots. 

Dressed in a white T-shirt, blue jeans trousers, and white sneakers, the young and clean shaved man glitters with anticipation at the thought of seeing his lover, after a long time of absence. 

 A moment later, he appeared close to the El Capone's palace gate and walked toward a blind beggar that had been In that position for years, even before the foundation of the palace was put on the soil. 

The blind beggar, hearing footsteps close to him cried out. "Please help a poor beggar to eat his daily grub."

"I have a message with you!" Kurt whispered, as soon as he stepped close enough. 

The blind beggar ignored him and shouted out. "God bless you for your generosity."

Kurt stood and looked puzzled. 

He dipped his hand in the pocket of his trousers and brought out a few dollars, then dropped them inside the blind man's bowl, and whispered, "I have a message from Ajasa." 

"Hush! Johji inn, now." The voice was in a whisper, but to the lovestruck man, it was clear and precise. 

Kurt walked off the presence of the blind beggar, towards Johji inn. 

Luckily for him, it was just a stone's throw from his location, and he quickly strode towards his destination.

Reaching the outside gate of the inn, he stepped inside and peeked at the ladies in attendance, and was soon engrossed at the pleasant and welcoming beauties at his front. 

Johji inn was famous for the abundance of beautiful ladies that serve as sexual attendance and is always patronized by the mafias of both gangs. 

A tall and well-shaped lady, with the magical touch of makeup that makes her look extremely beautiful, walked towards Kurt and tried to embrace him, but he hopped off her reach and smirked back at the half-dressed lady, in pant and brazier.

As a result of hundreds of ladies that attend to men that patronize this ignoble abode, and because of various types of illicit liquor and drugs, here is always filled with men of shady characters, and spies for different nefarious gangs.

Kurt quickly entered the poorly lightroom that was meant for liquor drinkers and searched for his lover.

 Not seeing her, he searched for a chair among the teeming population, found one, ordered a jug of beer, and sat on it, to enjoy his liquor. 

Suddenly, a lady dressed in a black suit, and a cap that covered her face stooped beside him and whispered into his left ear.


"Who are you?" Kurt inquired with a snarl. 

"El Capone will be going on a mission to the large farm at the hillside, tomorrow, and he will be followed by fifty men."  The strange lady whispered, stood up, and instantly mixed with the crowd before Kurt could respond to the shock of hearing his lover's voice, from a strangely dressed woman. 

Barry was the mafia tailing Kurt, and he had sneaked after him, as soon as he emerged out of the palace gate. 

Dressed in a turban that covered his head, and a white flowing gown that touch his knees, he went after his comrade and was stunned to see him whispering with the blind man. "What the hell, So the blind man is a spy!" 

He was tempted to walk close, and snuggle the truth out of him, but his nervousness soon overcome his curiosity, so he sneaked after his subject. 

Puzzled for a while when Kurt entered the inn, he quickly walked closer, entered after him, and saw everything that followed after. 

"Who is this strange girl dressed in black, and what did he whisper into Kurt's ear?" Barry asked himself, as he found his way out of the inn that has now become more chaotic when the ladies in attendance caught sight of the arrival of a large column of men in black uniforms, and they all scrambled after their prospective customers. 

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