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Three teenagers, Aires, Elena and Jason out of curiosity end up opening the gate to the spirit world, allowing demons who have vowed to destroy the earth and recreate it in their own image, get a chance to walk in freely and set their plans in motion. How are these friends going to put an end to an apocalypse they have started when they cant even control their powers properly? Consider this quote from The Chosen One, main character of Theron Of Evil "We do not care where you're hiding, we're on our way and we will find you. Earth is our home, not a playground for forces darkness, if you're not invited, then start packing, because when we find you, call it Judgement Day." Moving huh? Let's find out what happens

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  • RosyKosy


    Ok, this has to be one of my favorite books of the year......

    2022-12-19 18:40:25
  • Redbutterfly


    Interesting piece

    2022-12-16 14:49:22
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AIRES' P.O.V The piercing blue of the sky, always with me ever since we got here, seemed to pull me upward and I felt it touch my cheek and calm my face like Mum's hand on me when I was younger. Flocks of green and yellow parakeets, soaring over our heads as we step out of the bus one after another. At last, a whole new place to relieve me off home works which seemed to be a good source of headaches to me. Clapping her hands to signal us to pay attention, Mrs Conrad begun to give a beautiful description of the place which we currently are for the purpose of "Physical Geography". " Attention everyone " she began "I am certain that most of you or all of you have not been to this part of the country. It's a very rocky place as you can see, and I am very sure that most types of rocks will be found here. You can roam around all you want but do not go too far. Take pictures and make notes because you will need them." With that, she entered the bus, and
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The coldness of the night was like one I had never experienced before. We gathered dry wood and started up a fire because it was about seven pm, and we were nowhere near the camp. My body continued to shiver from both the cold and the fear I was feeling inside. An intra-personal conflict was taking place within, concerning whether it was right to hearken to Jason and stay here for the night, or continue walking and increase the chances of someone finding us and taking us back to the camp. "Elena must be worried. Everyone else will be sleeping by now, not caring about where the nerd is. They're getting a good night's sleep, whereas I'm in the middle of nowhere and could die at any time," were the thoughts racing through my frail mind. With the help of Jason, I set up an insecticide net, which I took along knowing we would be camping on this trip, and a blanket as well. Jason had the same stuff, but in the woods, there was no way I was going to sleep alone, not in a scary place like thi
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It was about eleven in the morning when Mrs. Conrad ordered that everyone should start packing because we were leaving at twelve. In case you do not know, she is one of those people who always wants to be on time but never uses their time for anything beneficial. Not like I hate her, but we came here specifically to be taught something new and not to learn on our own. What are we even going to write in the exam? Oh, maybe I got stuck in a fifty-year-old building and my best friend is now the author of lies. Jeez, can't the principal fire her already? What will I tell my mother when she asks what I've learned?" What's the matter, Princess?" I heard a familiar voice ask, There are only two people who like to call me names, plus the disrespectful witch who thinks every guy likes her in the school. "It's nothing." I turned around and saw Elena all set and ready to go home. I had my lunch box on the bus because, you know, I went out for a deathventure. "You don't look okay to me. What is i
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About a month after we discovered Elena's psychic ability and planned to visit HOMER again, Jason and I took it upon ourselves to help her reach her full potential. According to her, she could not control it. She saw future and past events in her dreams that she had not planned to see, and whenever she wanted to see certain things eagerly, she could not see them. We made several inquiries from the library, the internet, movies and other sources. From all these, we were able to fish out the key components 'Faith, Will, and Focus'. It was all she needed to be able to see future events and the past as well. One afternoon, we gathered in Elena's room to plan a day we would go to Homer to find out what we got ourselves into. As we sat in the usual Chinese monk position, but in a circle, crossing our legs, "So in the dream I had recently," I began, "I met the butterfly. I mean, the fairy that turned butterfly. She told me we would meet again, and also that if I needed her, I would find her
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It was seven in the evening when we arrived at the place where we had camped together with the others during the school trip. The place was quiet and scary for just three friends who had no business being there at an hour like that. We settled down to do our home work in one tent, which was mine, because I was the opposite of fearless. After we were done, we shared the pizza, which we bought on our way at Rachel's, the number one stop pizza joint situated on the outskirts of town about an hour drive from here and two hours drive from home. "What do they say this place is?" I asked the two who have lived in Rocksville much longer than I have. "No man's land!" Elena answered, looking over her shoulder at Jason. I could swear she was expecting him to disagree. "Why are you giving him that look?" "This was a part of Rocksville until about fifty to a hundred years ago, I was told," Jason began, "until a war caused the town's dwellers to split apart." "There we go again," Elena whispered, a
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Finding our way through to Homer in the Lost Valley wasn't a difficult task this time as well. The only difference between the first time and this time was that somebody had recently been around here. We could tell because there were footsteps and tracks made by a human figure, as well as a black inked marker was used by the person to mark the trees probably to prevent him or her from getting lost in the woods. "Maybe we should have taken a camera with us to record every bit of this adventure, you know, like how these ghost hunters do as proofs" Jason speculated. Finally, we had our destination in sight, I sat down on brick to relax, "Just say you want to show off your ' sparkle finger' " I teased. "Guys check this out!" Elena echoed, squatting next to us to show us a picture she had just taken of the building, "I'm not sure we'd even have a video to show if we brought a camera" she added. The picture taken, was having glitches and kept changing colors till "what the hell?" I exclaime
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We spent most of the day, after having something to eat, practicing how to use and control our abilities. While Jason and Elena were doing the cool stuff, to eat, practicing how to use and control our abilities. While Jason and Elena were doing the cool stuff, I, on the other hand, was asked to study books and read stories about the greatest fairies as well as memorize the spells they wrote. My attention kept getting shifted towards my friends. Elena, for instance, was being taught how to invade someone's mind without them knowing. She was being properly explained to how she could find specific information she was looking for from a person by either touching their foreheads or one of their most valuable possessions or anything they had come into contact with. She could cause a person to act according to her will, during which the person loses total control over his or her own body. She could also pick up the smell of a person and track them, or hold an item that the person owns and fi
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A few hours after their conversations with their parents, the three friends scheduled a conference call to plan how to bring an end to the Enlightener's Club. They believed that Legion created the group in order to recruit these innocent students from New World High.So, what do you guys suppose we should do? I'm telling you, if we allow this to go on any longer, the New World will be left in ruins, and not only New World High! " "I agree," Elena said, supporting But you all know we cannot go and say 'hello Perry, we've come to crush the party'. It doesn't work that way. We'll need a disguise, or ears on the inside. " "About ears on the inside, I think I can do that." Jason chipped in, " I mean, she doesn't know that I can shape shift, does she?" "And her baby demons are too dumb to recognize it too. Come to think of it, what if they know it's you? I mean, spirits can see spiritual stuff, right? " Everyone went quiet for a few seconds at what Aires asked. A feeling of concern began to
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JASON'S P.O.VAn hour after signing up to become a member of the club, I received a message which said that the venue for the meeting was no longer Perry's house but the second floor of a hotel that was about twenty minutes away. I grabbed a black hoodie and a pair of gloves for weather protection, a black pair of trousers and black sneakers, then I went downstairs to have dinner. When asked where I was headed for the night, I just said, "to a meeting. We've got a new club going on, and you guys are going to love it. It will be announced at the PTA this coming Sunday . I should be home by eight, but if I'm not, call me. " I had my breakfast in haste, and almost choked when I was asked "At school?" by my Dad. "Not really," I replied, "the hotel is twenty minutes away, directly across from the gymnasium." "A student meeting in a hotel?" "Are you crazy, Jason?" his dad asks with a sigh of irritation. "Dad, I swear I thought the same, but here," I said, showing them both the message I rec
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Sirens filled the entire neighborhood, they could be heard from at least a one-mile distance, the colors, red and blue, were swimming in the shadows and everywhere as the three friends drove through the crowd, hoping that Jason was still alive, and even if he had been possessed it was fine, because there was hope that he could be freed from the possession. When they drew closer to the hotel which had been utterly destroyed, they started questioning the policemen and the fire fighters if there were any deaths, but the good news was that there were only injuries. Aires recognized a woman she had seen in an earlier vision while they were at the campsite, just like she had seen, the woman held a baby wrapped in a white linen clothe, so she got closer to her and asked "Did you see what happened? Everything I mean" the poor woman shivering from fear replied, "Yes, I did. There were people not older than you. Do you know them? The boy... ... he looked like a good person, but it's his fault t
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