The mafias in red uniforms sneaked close to their destination, and they soon emerged near the farm in a few hours.

Banjo signaled to some of the men with him, pointed to some men laying under the palm trees, and some section of men crouched close to them.

"This place is guarded by fifty blackwitch mafias and four mercenaries, attack the mercenaries, while we locate the opposition gang," Banjo whispered to the outgoing men in red uniform, signaling to the rest of the mobs with him, and they sneaked towards the lookout post that was placed at every strategic location.

Seconds later, he pointed four fingers, then jerked his fingers towards the left side of them, and all the men glared at the men in black in a circle.

"They were engrossed by the chess game in their midst." One among the men whispered.

At a signal from the Banjo, four men fixed silencers to the nozzle of their guns, aimed at the men and four click sounds send the unaware mafias to their graves.

"Two more men were sup
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