Reincarnation Of The Bullied

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Reincarnation Of The Bullied

By: Udoka Okoh OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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🏆["Golden Medal" in The Most Popular Novel of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 After dying from jumping out of a skyscraper with his bully, he got reincarnated as the weak son of Lord Enzo. Aleric Swore never to be bullied again and he needed strength inorder for that to happen, so he started his training.


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319 chapters
The Beginning
One's dignity may be mocked and cruelly battered, but it would still be intact if they refuse to surrender. These have always been the comforting words Jinwoo uses whenever he was bullied. Jinwoo has always been bullied by his peers, it started in kindergarten and it never stopped even after he became an Adult. Though he was constantly being bullied, he kept living believing that one day things would change and whoever that is the master or god responsible for the world would bring him justice."What took you so long?" Madam Balaam screamed at Jinwoo."Sorry, the traffic was bad." Jinwoo has always been the one to apologize for everything."I don't need your sorry excuse, there is an order you have to deliver to this address." She gave the food to Jinwoo and he left immediately. Madam Balaam would not admit it but Jinwoo is the only work that has stayed with her the longest and put up with her shitty attitude. Jinwoo went outside and breathed a sigh of exhaustion before boarding his b
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I Am Not Jinwoo
Everyone in the part was now interested in Jinwoo and suggesting new ways to make him entertain them. The majority of them were his bullies when he was in high school. After high school, he thought he has heard the last of them and that if he eventually see them again in the future, he would be the one on top. "Come on Jinwoo, entertain us like you used to." Jung said in a bored tone."I am not Jinwoo." Jinwoo figured if he kept saying it, they would believe him and maybe let him go."You are still denying your name?" Hyun shook his head as if he had any pity for Jinwoo."You are such a bore, my pride is still hurt that you turned me down." The girl that opened the door pouted. Jinwoo hated her the most at this moment, if she didn't delay his payment all these wouldn't have happened."He turned you down?" Ji-Hoon gasped and the girl nodded."Jinwoo, how dare you hurt my girl's pride?" Jinwoo was surprised at the question. A normal human would be angry that his lover threw herself on
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Brienne carried her only son back home with tears streaming down her cheek. She knew what she did to be able to conceive and gave birth to Alaric. She took Alaric to the family doctor the moment she entered the family castle."Lady Brienne, what is wrong?" The doctor asked as he saw the beautiful lady carrying her five years old son."It's Aleric, he ate a poison mushroom." She handed Aleric over to the doctor. The doctor knew this was a piece of bad news since Aleric was already a weak boy with no mana in his system. Taking a poison mushroom is certain death."Stay outside." The doctor led Lady Brienne outside and asked his nurse to bring him a healing potion. He just prays they still have time for the potion to work. The healing potion would work if it hasn't been more than 30 minutes since Aleric ate the mushroom."Here is it." The nurse handed it over to the doctor and he pour it inside Alaric and pray they are not too late. He came outside to speak with Lady Brienne and ask her h
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This Is Just The Beginning
"Where is father?" Aleric asked his mother while they were having dinner. Aleric always has breakfast with his mother since his father is always gone by the time he wakes up, and he mostly has his lunch alone. When comes to dinner, the whole family always has it together. So, the absence of his father was something new to him."There was an attack in the village so he went to fend them off." Lady Brienne spoke nonchalantly."Who?""Orcs, they are attacking more frequently." Enzo Xalvador is the lord of Warkinles, a small state in the human kingdom. Enzo is in charge of the villages in Warkinles, and it's his duty to defend and protect them from harm. A small village in the outskirt was attacked and he rode out with his knights to defend them."Are you not worried about his safety?" As a woman her husband left to fight against the orcs, Aleric was expecting her to be worried. Lady Brienne giggled at her son's question."Worried? Son, your father is one of the 8th-class warriors. Anyth
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Aleric kept searching for the old man and sometimes he would see him and sometimes he would not, but he didn't stop. The old man thought Aleric would stop after a few days but he was wrong. Aleric kept tracking him down and the old man has no other but to test Aleric. "Have I convinced you of my resolve?" Aleric asked the old man as they stood face to face in the same place they first had a discussion. "Not yet, first I should tell you I can't teach you anything about mana." "That won't be a problem." "Alright, here." The old man threw a bracelet at him. "What is this?" "Wear it, it would make you unable to use mana and harder to sense mana." "What is the purpose of it?" Aleric has just recently succeeded in sensing mana so he didn't like the idea of it being stripped away. "By holding back your mana, you would be able to develop your muscles and stamina without the use of mana. When you now start using mana after you have developed your stamina you would be so much stron
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Ex fiancee
Aleric and Tatia kept going outside and Aleric would always leave her whenever they go out. Aleric no longer saw the bracelet he bought for her and when he asked about it, she said she lost it. He got her another one and she lost it again and it made Aleric angry for he felt that Tatia was losing it because he wasn't an important person to her. He decided not to think about it and was glad that Tatia didn't tell his mother about the way he was always leaving her.Months passed and Aleric started learning about combat style and he was progressing. He also felt his first mana while wearing the bracelet but it was just for a moment. "That's it for today." Sawyer stopped the day's training early because he knew that the boy need some breather."Alright." Aleric could go some more hours but he knew better not to question his master.He left and wandered around since it was not yet time to meet up with Tatia. As he was wandering around he got a glimpse of Tatia sitting alone beside a tree.
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Aleric noticed the striking resemblance between the woman and Morgana, he figured the woman to be Morgana's mother. "What madness are you suggesting?" Enzo spoke in a calm frightening voice."Enzo my friend, we all want what is best for our children. I know you would make the same decision if you were in my shoes." Lord Brom said. He is the father of Morgana, and he is also a powerful ice mage. Morgana was betrothed to Aleric after she was born and then it felt like a good plan to make the Brom family more powerful. Lord Brom knew how strong the Xalvador family is, so he wanted to share in that power by creating a bond with them through marriage. But after it was discovered that Aleric has no talent, they started regretting their decision. They all knew that having no talent makes one worse than a slave, so they knew that having their child marry Aleric would lead to her ultimate demise. While they were thinking of how to break off the engagement, Morgana awoke very rare ice magic. T
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Orcs' Attack
"Come on boy, is that all you have?" Sawyer kept pushing Aleric to do more. They are currently sparing and Aleric has decided to become a magic warrior, the hardest all occupation. A magic warrior is an occupation of being a magician and also a warrior. It's the hardest o train, it's hard to be either of the two, so it's much harder to be both. Aleric discovered that life is like a story and for him to be the protagonist, he has to take the hardest road. "Your right is unguarded." Sawyer said as he strikes Aleric's right with his wooden sword "No, it's not." Aleric used earth magic to protect his back. Once again Sawyer was surprised at how Aleric can perform chantless magic and perform magic without waving his hand. It was possible for Aleric to do because his heart is his mana core so it means every part of him can be used to perform magic, he doesn't need to use his hands like other magicians. "You are truly fast on your feet?" Aleric said stepping on the ground. This simple mo
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The Weak Have Become The Strong
Aleric went after with an intent to kill, his bloodlust could be felt by the enemy and they picked up their pace."Don't let yourself be caught." The Chieftain ordered and gritted his teeth for not having things go according to his plan. He divided his force to attack two different villages when he heard that Lord Enzo has been summoned to the palace. He had no idea that a boy just a little above 12 would destroy the plan he took so long to devise."You guys can't escape me." Aleric cast a fire spell and threw it at them. "We can take him chief." One of the orcs that never saw Aleric in action tried to engage the teenage boy in combat. "Glory to the orcs!" He screamed and some of the orcs that never saw Aleric in action attacked together with him."Stop." Before their chieftain could order them to stop, they have already rushed towards the teenage boy who was running towards them also."Out of my way peasants." With a single swing of his sword that was enhanced with wind magic, Aleri
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I Am Not Going
Lady Brienne was speechless after her husband told her everything the knights told him and the little he saw. It was unbelievable, after trying their best and giving Aleric all potions to get better, nothing happened so they gave up. Hearing that her weak son is now seen as a hero and songs are already being sung about his greatness. The ladies of the village that Aleric saved started singing of his greatness already. Every unmarried female wishes they would be able to get a place in his heart."My beautiful boy." Lady Brienne stared at her son who is still fast asleep as a result of exhaustion."This changes everything. I wonder what Lord Brom would say when he realizes that the rejected one is now the only third class of his generation." Enzo smirked. He was sure no child below the age of 18 would be a third class. He is 40 years old and it's not been long since he entered the 8th class and he is considered a prodigy. Some people live their entire lives without crossing the threshol
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