As the conflicts between the redwitch and the blackwitch gang deepened, some men were seen running for their dear life along a deserted route.

At the front of the running men is the man named Ewu, and his knees nearly touched the back of his skull, as he raced like a rabbit, pursuit by a dog.

"Wait for me, Ewu." The aged man with grey hair screamed from the back.

But Ewu ignored his comrades plead, run faster, and soon disappeared into the approaching dusk.

Minutes later, all the escaping planters were seen under a big tree and breathing with their tongues out of their mouth.

"You are not the son of your father, Ewu."

"What have I done to deserve such insult?" Ewu asked back, after finding a comfortable place to seat.

"You were bragging about your prowess some hours earlier, am surprised to see you in front of us, as we run for our dear life."

"They were lucky I wasn't prepared for assault today, let them try it another time. They will see the real Ewu." The man bragged back, sma
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