Road to Valhalla

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Road to Valhalla

By: Yuri CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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My name is Seraph. In a world that is filled with magic, science and arts of unbelievable kinds, I'm relatively ordinary. But then I met them. A group of assassins that work the machines of the world behind closed curtains. And the most striking is their leader, the woman which is the greatest mystery in the world. Though to the world we are all dead, each of us has a story of their own. I wonder if I can find myself a home among these people who call themselves Valkyries and more importantly can I solve all the riddles that surround them?

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That day, the wind blew into swirls of sand, as if possessed by a demon. It blew and blew, towards a single wasteland, filled with an army of corpses and guts. As far as the eye could see, on mounds and in ditches, were fallen men with spears and bayonets impaling the Earth and their flesh. The wind blew strongly but silently, not with respect to the fallen but trodding upon those whose eyes failed to close all the way as if awaiting some hope.In that wasteland, where the sun shone no longer, stood a man, cloaked from head to toe with a staff in his hand. This man shone in a strange glow, with a face so beautiful and sparkling, he could have been a woman. And who knows, perhaps he wasn't even human. He looked around upon the endless wasteland and took a deep breathe."The blood is so thick in the air", he thought to himself as the pungent air burned through his throat and he had to cover his nose."Humans...this is beyond ridiculous", he murmured as he investigated the landscape.His
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Chapter 1: Beginning of a Long Road
"You are weak. And weakness only gives birth to regrets. All you can do to prevent that is to keep your head down. Don't look them in the eyes. Don't breathe a word in front of them. Don't let them know you exist. There is salvation in inconspicuousness. That's why you must go. There only the dead live, no names, no past, no histories. And when you are there, I'm sure you'll be able to forget..." **************************My name is Seraph. And right now, I'm looking at something of a murderer, who admitted to her crime without the slightest reservation. Honestly, I don't even know why anything at all shocks me now. When I came here 2 months ago, I never expected anything to throw me off guard but every morning I open my eyes, I come to question if the world I live in isn't a dream. Oh but its real alright. If nothing else, at least this woman, sitting in her comfy chair with her legs crossed on the table, isn't something I'm even capable of
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Chapter 2: Bad People
I think bad people are needed to exist. I didn't know this reality before I came here and its not hard to accept that fact. Its hard to actually be the bad guy. The people that live to be that, are not praiseworthy in the least, but their burdens bend their backs and they are always looking down. Its so easy to call them bad people because you can't look them in the eyes.My search for any and all clues would prove to be futile. I went around the Gran stage and figured this much that he was sniped on Lady's signal. Beyond that there was nothing. The killer could just have been a hitman working for chump change. With Lady, you really can't tell what is what. At one point I thought of giving up but then the thought of my impending death kept me going. You never know you are madly in love with life until something threatens to take it away.That evening when I went back to the church (that's what we called it), everyone was in as light a mood as possible."Maybe its time we start taking
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Chapter 3: Fires that Still Burn
On our way to our destination, about which I knew next to nothing, Chopper seemed completely oblivious to the fact that I was his companion. I knew Lady had intended for me to get the ropes of our work with this mission but I began to wonder if that would be possible. Sure enough, we travelled by foot. We took some shady routes to get there and sometimes, I wasn't even sure if we were going the right way.On the seventh night of our journey, Chopper sat me down around a campfire and said it was about time he explained the gist of the whole ordeal. It appears he had finally deemed me worthy enough to do so."To the south of Mercae, is the country of Ildia, a small strip of land separating this continent from the next over. Now, we dare not leave our continent...for now anyway. As for Ildia, that country is dealing with the remnants of the history. I assume you at least know about the War of Giants?""Yes! I-""Good, 'cause if you didn't, I wouldn't have considered you real. When the th
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Chapter 4: A Very Gray Man
Things went according to plan and we travelled with a caravan for the next few days. These people were gypsies and I barely ever heard them speak. They had taken to trading in the recent few years but it didn't look like they were doing very well. They told us the caravan would rest in the capital before moving onwards to the next continent. It seemed they travelled the whole world. I suppose such a journey despite bad business was still worth it. Chopper decided we'd stay in the capital until the caravan took off in three days.The capital of Ildia, unlike Mercae, wasn't the center of opportunity. There were two kinds of people that occupied the city. The rich and the oppressed. It looked like one of the smaller cities of Mercae, at least to me. Chopper wasn't surprised at all. He was accustomed to places like these. My Ildian accent was subpar but he spoke like a true native and so he did most of the talking wherever we went. We booked a room at the inn but I noticed that Chopper n
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Chapter 5: What he Sees
The townspeople welcomed us warmly but oddly enough, Chopper didn't seem to get cozy with their hospitality. I didn't take him to be one with a nasty attitude so I assumed he might just have a lot on his mind right now. I couldn't have been more wrong. He despised that place so much, he confined himself to the room we were allowed to stay in after two days and never went out.There was a barracks, going down towards the valley where we had headed soon as we'd arrived in town. We met a man called Col. Erele, supposedly in charge around Halen. He told us about the conflict and how bad the situation had gotten because they couldn't contact the capital due to the bandits now running amuck, causing all sorts of ruckus."I've been here 7 years now", he told us, though I found him rather young, " This isn't war anymore, it's all about their revenge. We tried negotiating but they claim this part of land is their territory. And they sure as hell don't care about the people's wishes even if the
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Chapter 6: Seraph of the End
"Looters?""Yeah, even though we're salt merchants and nothing more as you can see, in these desperate times, they don't even leave us with that much. The border means nothing to us anymore, anyone can pass through and plunder us whenever they want. Even the barracks can't stop them.", the thin merchant replied as he lugged his merchandise on to a cart, preparing to leave."So what do you want me to do, Emir-san?", I wanted to confirm my suspicions."Tag along with me as my bodyguard. This is an important shipment. If I can't deliver this, I'll die of hunger. I'll even pay you with something", I could tell he was quite desperate but what made him think I was cutout for this sort of work, I couldn't tell."Are you sure you're okay with someone like me?""Of course, you look like a reliable man. Why wouldn't I be okay? I heard from some guys who came from the barracks. That man that was with you is a merchant too, isn't he? And you are his bodyguard. But since your master isn't working,
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Chapter 7: He who knows the Truth
As I stood with my sword drawn against an enemy quite clearly superior to me, I declared to myself that regardless of whatever was to come from here on, I will give it my all. Even if I was to die there and then, I would've died brilliantly.I did think that and I felt like a hero as Emir cowered behind me. But now that I think about it, it was foolish."Are you expecting to deflect my arrow with a sword?", the white haired man mocked me, "And also those of all my other companions aiming at you?"Of course, I hadn't considered any of that. I had nothing to say in reply. He noticed my uncertainty."Very well. As a respectable warrior, I will give you the chance to a fair duel. Pardon me for I have only this dagger against your sword", he put away his bow and took out a small dagger. That lifted my spirit, if only just a bit.I actually wanted to thank him but he didn't give me a chance for that. He leapt on to me like a leopard. I couldn't keep up with his speed at all. I barely manage
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Chapter 8: The Calm before the Storm
The following few days, I stayed in bed all day. Chopper stayed with me in our room and upon my inquiries, told me what had happened after I passed out."Nothing much. I carried you and that old fart home when things cooled down", even though he knew I was asking about Wolfe, he seemed to avoid his mention purposefully."Do you think you did the right thing?""I...I think I did. I mean, there wasn't anything else to be done, was there? Because you know...well, how should I put this?...its that he-""Seraph, did you notice that man had a single arrow on him?""""You didn't see a quiver on him, did you? You know why that is?""Why?""Because that's all they need. One arrow. They were called the Beast faction of the Ildian mercs during the war. I don't blame you if you haven't heard of them though. It was over ten years ago after all. They were the King's royal guard. When things felt most dire for Ildia, they were the ones hired to protect the monarch. They possess hyper sensitiv
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Chapter 9: All Falls Down
I remember looking up the mountain as we traversed down the valley. I had an ominous feeling about something that I couldn't exactly explain. Chopper was way ahead of me, he didn't consider my condition to be worth worrying about. I was trying to be careful but the lack of pain which I had been thinking a blessing earlier, now only served as a numbing feeling and that was not very reassuring.It took us two hours to get down and then we waited to see the Colonel. It took surprisingly long before we got to do that. And somehow Chopper, as if foreseeing this predicament, had gone to sleep. He was woken up by the knock on the door. Col. Erele would now see us.Erele's room was vacant unlike the first time we walked in here but the amount of mugs on the table told that some people had been attending there.Soon as we walked in and the wooden door behind us clicked it's closing sound, I could see a flying Erele thrown across the room amidst a tiny storm of papers from his table. He had not
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