The Magic Kings War

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The Magic Kings War

By: Velocity10 OngoingFantasy

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Gods and their Angel servants have been terrorising the mortal for millennia...Until 4000 years ago the Magic King at the time could no longer watch the tyranny and suffering caused by Angels and Gods. He gathered armies from every race and challenged the gods dying for the sake for freedom. Now the Magic Kings throne is empty. The world needs a new Magic King. More powerful than the previous Magic King himself and even surpassing the Gods.

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78 chapters
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 1 The Birth of Magic
Magic beginning Arc: Chapter 1. The Birth of Magic. Gods and their Angel servants have been terrorising the weak for thousands of years. They terrorised:Humans, Demi-Humans, Demons and Elves and any other life forms. 4000 years ago. The Magic King, at the time, could no longer stand and watch as the gods terrorised the weak. And so he gathered an army of humans, demons, elves and demi-humans and challenged the gods. The fight was a massacre. The angels' divine protection and magical power exceeded that of any elves, humans, demons or demi-human. Everyone fell. Until only the Magic King remained. Only his magical power was able to kill a vast amount of Angels. Once the gods themselves attacked the Magic King, he was overwhelmed and defeated. With his last words, he said "You may have defeated me. ..... But the next Magic King will be much more powerful than me and even the gods. He or she will bring peace and free us from your prison" With those words left behind the Magic Kin
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 2 Confrontation
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 2. Confrontation.As Valoran walks past the entrance gate he hears a commotion in the distance.As he looks toward the source of the commotion he sees a large number of students forming a circle."What's going on?..... A fight of some sort."-Valoran said calmly.Not wanting to get too close and draw attention to himself he looks upwards and sees birds flying over him.He cast the spell aslin (animal take over magic) to take control of one bird. Now Valoran can see what the bird sees." I see. It is indeed a fight between students" - Valoran said calmlyIn the middle of the people's circle, there is a fight."You Rat! How dare you bump into my girlfriend like that?" - A giant muscular boy said."I am sorry I didn't mean to but she bumped into me. I was standing still when she walked towards me and accidentally bumped into me" - A boy said while shivering"You calling me a liar" - The giant muscular boy said"No I am just trying to explain the situation" - Th
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 3 Enrolment Exam Part 1
Magic Training beginning Arc: Chapter 3: Enrolment Exam Part 1After the confrontation with Binarc. Valoran makes his way over to the main building.Outside the main building, he sees other applicants standing in a formation.In front of all the new applicants is a podium. Lined up are all the professors from the academy.An elvish man walks up to the podium and starts to give a speech."Greetings. My name is Aegnor Aldon and I have been the headmaster of this Academy for the past 300 years.""For the past 300 years I have seen many talented students from all kinds of races graduate" - The headmaster said."Here at the Halivaaran Magic Academy it is our duty to train and create the best magicians to protect the people from Beasts, Dark mages (magic users who use magic for evil), And also against Rouge Angels." - The Headmaster spoke."We have dispatched 1000 invitations all across the world to the most promising magic users. All of you should be proud that you are standing here" - The
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 4 Enrolment Exam Part 2
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 4. Enrolment Exam Part 2.Valoran listens as one of them speaks...."My name is Alora Elsher (A beautiful elvish girl however a rare type. Unlike normal elves she has silver hair and red eyes). I am the leader of the disciplinary committee." - She said.Valoran then looks at the others."My name is Valoran Silver" - He said, calmly introducing himself."Am I in any kind of trouble" - He asked with a straight calm faceThe disciplinary committee leader then starts getting close, her silver long hair trailing behind."That depends" - Alora said."On what? - Valoran asked, unphased by any of this.She then takes a closer look to get a clearer image of Valoran." Tell me Valoran Silver. Why did you step into the confrontation earlier? It's our job to resolve these conflicts on academic grounds. We were about to step in when you showed up." - Alora said with a calm yet a little curious tone of voice.Valoran then thinks back to when he would constantly protect h
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 5 Enrolment Exam Part 3
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 5. Enrolment Exam Part 3.... BOOOOM!!!Valoran's immense magic power, even suppressed to the closest to 0 still caused the crystal to explode.As the Professors and the other Applicants seek shelter and create magic barriers to shield themselves from the blast, as they hear the explosion....Valoran remains calm.Valoran then reveals that he has actually contained the actual blast inside his hand by shrinking down the crystal using the spell Dino (size manipulation magic) and contained the explosion inside his left fist.Then with the other hand, he created a powerful magical barrier around the academy to contain the blasts of shock waves and soundwaves to not cause panic inside the capitol.All the Applicants and Professors look toward Valoran.The applicants are furious but it's to mask just how afraid they are."You Monster! " "You could have blown up the entire academy ""You too dangerous" - The other Applicants are yelling at Valoran.Valoran however r
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 6 Enrolment Final Part
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 6. Enrolment Exam Final Part.Valoran and the other group 3 Applicants make their way down to the arena to take on the Professors in a magic duel to impress the Professors with their magic.The first 10 Applicants are selected and begin to duel."Begin!" - The Professors are instructing the Applicants to begin.Valoran stands there lined up with the other group 3 Applicants waiting for his turn.Valoran is watching the duels. He is not that impressed with the magic powers the Applicants are demonstrating."For the most promising Applicants I expected more overall" - Valoran thought to himself.However, Valoran is amazed at the courage and willpower the applicants are demonstrating."They might lack any magic talent at the moment....but they show great potential. With training they can become strong magic users" - Valoran thought to himself.The duels continued. Various spells are being cast as the Applicants from Group 3 are facing off against the Professor
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 7 Binarc's final lesson
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 7. Binarc’s final lesson.Valoran seeing that this strange demon male, made his way over to the elvish little girl, caused Valoran to keep a close eye on them both and so he slowly made his way over to them.The man told the girl to grab his hand. They both started walking hand in hand.Valoran was following them closely. He was not letting them out of sight.He then casts astral (telepathy magic) to communicate with the girl using telepathy."Little girl. That man you are holding hands with. Do you know him?" - Valoran asked the girl using telepathy magic.The girl was confused at first and looked everywhere for the source of the voice."Don't move your head too much. Please answer me. Do you know that man? Just think of the answer" - Valoran asked her using telepathy magic."No. I don't know this man" - The little elvish girl replied using the telepathy magic.Hearing that Valoran knew that this situation had gotten serious.He then starts charging at the
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 8 Trouble during Shopping
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 8. Trouble at shopping.The following morning Valoran and Aelina got up bright and early to get ready, and headed towards the capital market to go shopping.As they got ready Valoran asks:"Should I teleport us to the capital?""Why don't we walk? It's such a beautiful morning" - Aelina said."Alright." - Replied Valoran.They both head towards the capital. As they both headed towards the capital Valoran sensed a strange presence from above high up in the sky.Valoran then looks up and sees three angels flying.Normally angels don't enter the mortal realm."What are angels doing here? They don't seem to be rogue angels since they haven't attacked anyone. I should keep an eye on them just in case." - Valoran thought to himself.Aelina then noticed Valoran looking upwards into the bright blue morning sky.However, she can't see anything."Valoran. Are you okay? Is something wrong? "Aelina asked, a little concerned.Valoran then faces his mother and tells her
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 9 First Day at the Academy
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 9. First day at the Academy.The following morning Valoran was getting ready for his first day at the academy.He put on his new uniform which Valoran liked since he likes the colour black."Hmm not too bad" - Valoran said.He then heads to the kitchen to have some breakfast."Here you go I made you delicious eggs" - Aelina said with a smile."Thanks, mom" - Valoran replied with a little smile."So... Are you excited?" - Aelina asked Valoran."I am." - Valoran replied with another tiny smile.After Valoran finishes up his breakfast he heads for the front door."Alright I'll get going now" - Valoran said."Bye, sweetie. If I am not home from work when you arrive please make yourself some dinner" - Aelina replied.Aelina works as a healer in her village since elves are known for their healing capabilities."Alright. See you later" - Valoran said.He then leaves his home and starts walking to the academy which is located in the capital.As he walked he noticed
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Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 10 Special Assignment
Magic Beginning Arc: Chapter 10. Special assignment.It has been a month now since Valoran started his academic journey to hopefully become the next Magic King.Valoran and his team which consisted of Selina, Atticus and Biatrix have gotten closer and started to trust each other more and more.Each lunch break and after school Valoran did not go with the others to get some lunch at the cafeteria or go home straight after class had ended, he instead went to the academy library to study magic and increase his knowledge by reading every single book.By now he has almost read every single book and magic scroll inside the library.On some occasions, he would meet Michelle Nadria (The succubus female who helps out the library when she has free time)"You are here again." - Michelle said with a smile."Shall I serve you some tea?" - Michelle asked with a smile."That would be great" - Valoran replied with a smile.She goes and prepares some tea for Valoran.At that moment three 2nd year, male
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