The new year celebration is a sacred festival that was introduced by the first mafia king of Greenwich island, either as a way to appreciate the whole inhabitants for their massive support to the crown or because of another reason that was best known to the inventor of this celebration.

The festival had survived lots of years of practice and had suddenly become the custom of the inhabitants.

During these three days, all dwellers were expected to be in the palace, as all their daily needs will be provided for by the mafia king, while rich men and important personalities seeking favour from the king will come with various gifts and money.

It's always a get-together party, as the whole palace will be filled with music, games and various competitions.

As the two heirs to the throne, custom demands them to appear inside the king's palace to relate with the people, and failure to do this will be unimaginable.

El Capone and Banjo were seen in deep conversation, as they walked among the maf
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