Advent of the Demonic Mage

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Advent of the Demonic Mage

By: Unique_Ideas OngoingFantasy

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Leonel, 27 years old, son of the wealthiest man in Britain, found himself in the body of an abused, affinity-less, hybrid prince, demon-human of the demon Kingdom. His uncle, the demon king, sent him to the human kingdom under the pretense of protecting him, but it was all a ruse. Assassins were sent to kill him, as the king feared he was a threat to his throne. On the brink of death, Leonel discovered new powers within himself. A spirit companion, a dual affinity for Light and dark magic, and a demonic eye - all rare and coveted. With new power at his disposal, Leonel set out on a journey to reclaim the demon kingdom. Along the way, he'll face many challenges and will have to decide what kind of mage he wants to become. Will he use his powers for good, or will he succumb to the darkness within him?

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A frozen wasteland
A frozen wastelandLeonel could be said to be just one of the bad boys, a rude child, but also particularly, a guy who loved his father so much.His blonde hair was neatly swept back, and his body was crafted in tats. On a Friday afternoon, he sat in his room, and scrolled through his phone, looking at the latest post of his father on his social media page.As he scrolled on, his eyes caught something that irked him. He abruptly stood up from his bed, and to his door.He met his father standing in front of his room ready to knock as he opened the door."I need to tell you something," Mr Lucian said with a straight face."Let me go on first." He responded with a raise of his hand.As he saw that his father gave him a go ahead, he voiced out in anger, his bottled up frustration, "What the fucking hell did I see on your page? Don't tell me you plan to marry her after all that I told you?" "I see," Mr Lucian trailed on, and then added, "That's also what I came to tell you. I am getting e
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A strange city.
A strange city.Leonel was conflicted about what to do and what lies beyond the floating door. At one point, his mind kept telling him to go through the door and the other adamantly told him not to.At the end, he steeled his heart and stood firmly in front of the door. He stretched his right hand out towards the door, while scratching his head with his left hand. He couldn't pinpoint how he would open the door and before he could think further he was given a quick answer.He felt himself pulled brutally inside the door as the door opened and formed a rolling black turnado."Ahhhhhhhh '' Leonel screamed on top of his lungs as he felt himself floating in space. Not too long, he fell down on a hot sandy ground, a great contrast from where he came from.On the vast expanse of desert, the sun beat down like bullets, scorching the sandy floor and bearing down on Leonel..It has been less than thirty minutes since he arrived here. He had been walking without uttering a sound, but the same
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Recurring memories
Recurring memoriesIn the royal palace of the demon kingdom, a young boy sat in front of an old man, whose irritation was evident on his face. It seemed that the usual debate between the old man and the young lad had started again.The man had small horn-like protrusions on his head, and the young boy looked like a human with no demon features. This made him easily distinguishable from the demons and also made him an easy target of the demons.If not for his grandfather, the demon king, who protected him after the death of his mother, he would have been long dead with no one to care about his remains. A human, living in the demon's kingdom. Quite an amazement to still be alive."Why do you think humans are not to blame for the incident involving your mother?" The old man with horn-like intrusions on his head asked, frustration evident in his voice and his face, as his forehead wrinkled like a crumpled piece of paper.He was tired of the endless arguments with the young prince every da
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Lord Darkwoods.
Lord Darkwoods.The voice seemed both distant and near, causing Leonel to quickly scan his surroundings in search of its source.Taking a closer look at his surroundings, he realized that he had remained rooted in the same spot ever since he had obtained the ring from the king. And now, someone stood before him, attempting to capture his attention.Snapping back to reality, he rushed towards his grandfather, hoping to disprove what he had seen. However, his worst fears were confirmed. His grandfather's lifeless body had started dissipating into thin air. It is customary for dead demon bodies to dissipate into thin air after their death."Leonel! Leonel!" He heard the voice again, urging him to wake up. As his mind thought about the reason for this sound and also grieving about his grandfather's death - his only loving family, he felt himself being pulled from his surroundings."What!" Leonel exclaimed to reality. Waking up from his dreams, only to realize that he was not in front of
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The Demon King
"Lord Darkwoods…what sort of name is that? Are you related to woods or something?" Leonel muttered under his breath, but he forgot that he was dealing with demons here."Kind of. I'm the lord of all sorts of medicine and poisons. That's my family name," he replied."Oh…" Leonel nodded as he took a look at the formidable man again. 'Does he and the initial owner have a kind of relationship? He seems kinder than the memories I have been recovering,' he thought.Putting all his thoughts aside, he lifted his foot and entered the grand room with the noble demon. In the room, he was quite amazed by the setting. It had a large space and looked more like a courtroom. There were seats on each side of the room, and a space was left in the middle of the two parallel seats. Then above, sitting elegantly, was one who he assumed to be the leader of the meeting.While still lost in his thoughts, he felt himself being kicked in the knees as he fell face flat on the floor. He looked beside him to se
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Assassins.Leonel kept staring at the food in front of him. Ever since he came back from the parliament meeting on 'how to end his life as he is a threat to the throne,' he has been lost in thought. Maybe it is not so good that he got into this body.Apart from the part of it being a fantasy world and like one of the video games he had played. His life is at stake here. He once heard that if someone died in the transmigrated world, then one has died in the real world. 'What if this is like Alice in borderland where I have to endure till the end for me to wake up? What if my father is waiting beside my hospital bed for me to wake up? What if he had realized that I was telling the truth the whole time?' His thoughts raced as he tried to piece it all together then while in his pool of thoughts, the sound of a spoon being forcibly hit on the table brought him out."Your highness, I'm afraid you don't have all day to be designing your food."He looked up to meet Lord Darkwoods stunt expr
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A ploy.
Before them stood ten masked men, and he was so sure that they were assassins. Well, they proved them right as they lunged straight at them."Take this cloth, use it to cover your nose while you stay behind me. I'll finish them off quickly," Lord Darkwoods passed a black cloth at him and lunged at them.His confidence was based on the fact that the assassins weren't much to begin with, giving him the impression that he could fend them off straight away.Out of thin air, a sword appeared in his hand, and a green-like substance emanated from it. The masked men also brought out their swords from their waist pack, where it was sheathed, and it also emitted various colors.As he lunged towards them, Leonel felt as though he couldn't breath. He felt his breath caught up to his throat as he struggled to breath and then his eyes went to the black cloth in his hand and immediately he brought it close to his nose and he instantly felt relieved.'What was that? I felt like I almost died?' he tho
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Dead or not?
Dead or not?For some time, he kept dodging. But then, the assassin stopped. Leonel was quite worried now, he didn't know what this guy had in mind, he would just be very happy if he could come out alive but then, luck wasn't on his side."This is not good…" he muttered. He watched as the assassin sword showed a bright blue light which it hadn't shown before. It turned out that the assassin thought that he would be able to take out the affinity less prince without needing his sword or magic but it turned bad since the little fellow kept moving up and down leaving him no choice.'I want him dead,' he remembered the words his master had said to him and he was ready with all his might to carry on his duty."I'm sorry your Highness, but I got to do this," the assassin said before fully lunging at Leonel with his sword."Hell no! You are sick!" Leonel shouted as he ran away from the assassin's sight. The forest was a big one, as if in cue with them, the wind kept on swaying, moving the l
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A strange woman.
A strange woman."Leonel!! Leonel!!" The unmistakable voice of the demon, Lord Darkwoods echoed through the forest.It took a while before he was finally able to fend off all the assassins. It was not like he actually fended them off because suddenly while he was still fighting with them and almost on the verge of passing out, the assassins stopped fighting him and retreated before he passed out.He could have been dead now, but he didn't die so he doesn't know what actually happened.When he woke up, he decided to look for the young prince, hoping real hard that he was not dead.He kept on calling his name and walking through the dark forest with no light to look for him. He was in a very critical condition and the only thing that kept him going was the promise he had made to the previous king. He couldn't think of not obeying him, that was what kept him going even though his knees were almost giving up.He kept on calling his name with no answer until he stumbled on something hard,
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….is dead.
….is dead.The lady led him to the bed and helped him to lay down. She also sat down on the bed beside his head and gently raised his head up and placed it on her lap.She moved her hands towards the shelf beside the bed and brought out a lotion from it. She scooped out of it and rubbed her hands together before applying it on Leonel's forehead.She helped and messaged his head which he had used to hit the wall as she moved her hands towards the back of his head."Have you always had this mark?" She asked."No, it just appeared. I'm also surprised about it," he replied, almost too quickly. He was surprised by it all. This woman's hand was so soothing that he didn't know what to say again and he willingly allowed her to place his head on her lap for this long period.Everything about her was so calm and he couldn't help but close his eyes as he savored her warm hands on his hair as she rubbed it. This was what he had lacked at home; the warm care of a mother. Even though his father trie
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