The most distressing things I knew of human is our separation and our forgetfulness that we are all one.

There is nothing like I or you, neither male nor female, nor black or white, we are all one.

The preys and the victims, the weaker and the stronger, the lords and the commoners, humans, and animals, we are all the same.

Humans have been proven to exist from one DNA, there was a link that join us together, and without me, you can never exist.

Little wonder that one of the greatest men that ever walked upon the earth opined that. 'All the ten commandments are made into two, love your creator with your heart, your body, and your soul. And love your neighbor the way you love yourself.'

These are the two golden rules.

Perhaps you have ever asked, how can I love my creator when I can't see him or her?

Good question, easy answer!

You can see your creator all around you, and in everything that was created.

The ground you stepped on was your primary raw materials, the air you breathe is
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