The Anchor

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The Anchor

By: Faith Osanife OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Waking up after a long time of slumber, little Cara looked around without a clue of her surrounding. All she could hear was the beeping sound annoying her ears. She looked around weakly, a lot of thoughts going on in her head. She closed her eyes shut trying to remember some certain things about her life. Her heart immediately skipped as she remembered a face. A very scary face. The face who actually murdered her parents.

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  • Wako Kanchora


    Awesome book. Sky is not even the limit ...

    2023-02-04 17:27:46
  • Immanuel Fabian


    A very interesting fast paced book. In love with Kara and her powers, can't get enough of it. Nice work author ...️

    2022-10-05 23:39:29
  • tobih daniels


    Love it.... still reading.

    2022-09-15 20:23:46
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30 chapters
"What have we done, John? What have we done?" She sobbed loudly looking at her four years old daughter lying on her bed.Her heart was beating profusely knowing the danger they were about to be in.John sighed. "This is not the time for crying, Celeste." He tried to comfort her.But Celeste couldn't handle the fear rising in her. "What if, John? What if they send Gor..?""They won't. He kills everything he touches. They won't risk it." He dismissed.Celeste sighed shakily. "We've made things hard for them. They might get desperate, John. I'm scared. He's the one person even you can't fight." John shook her head, not liking how she was behaving. "This isn't the time to be pessimistic."She nodded without choice and looked at her daughter, and then she sighed. "We shouldn't have brought a child to this world, John. We shouldn't have. How are we gonna keep protecting ourselves, and our child? Where are we gonna go now? How long are we gonna keep hiding?" She kept on with her sobs gettin
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Sixteen years later.Kara woke up and sat up from her bed with a loud deep calming breath coming out of her mouth. She gave her head a little exercise and got off the bed to the bathroom. She had a place to be and needed to be there, ASAP.A knock landed on her door."I know. I'm awake!" Kara hollered out for whoever is knocking to know before entering the bathroom.Completely naked, she stared at the mirror in her bathroom and the scar on her hand. For some reason, she always did since she couldn't forget how she got it.It was a memory she couldn't forget no matter how hard she tried to.Her adoptive sister, Sofia nodded as they stood in front of Kara's door. "She's already awake.""So, is the plan set?" Ellie, Sofia's sister asked.Sofia nodded with a smile on her face. "She won't know what's coming to her."Ellie chuckled, shaking her head. "She's really got a problem.""And we know what that problem is, Ellie. Let's go downstairs." Sofia told her, and they walked downstairs to me
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"It's been sixteen years since you killed the Wests, Gordon, but you don't have it yet. What should I say of your incompetence?"Gordon bowed, disappointed at himself. "Makes me wonder where West hid it, King.""I'd never thought you would fail me.""Truth be told, King, the result was expected, and knowing how West is, his death is one thing he never feared. It was a mistake sending Gordon after them. He killed his family, and thereby not leaving any leverage against West."Gordon glared at Trick. "Why? You think your tricks would have worked against him?""My tricks are smart, Gordon. If his family was in my hands, he would have had no choice." Trick countered."You guys enough! You've argued about this forever. It's too late." King shunned them.Trick and Gordon bowed."I don't think it is, King. It is somewhere. We just need to know the location. We could find it the way we found West." Brainold suggested."How, Brainold? Sixteen years ago was the last favor the Eye owed us." One
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Kara's door opened. She sighed knowing exactly who was going to enter. "It's obvious you're here to counsel me about earlier." She figured.Nora sighed and sat beside her as she kept laying on her bed. "How long are you going to let this affect you, Kara?""This is a day that I want to forget, mom. It's a tragic day for me.""It is your birthday, Kara."Kara shook her head and turned to the other side facing her mom. "It is the day I died, mom. My birthday no longer mattered since that unfortunate day of my life. My parents died that day, and everything in my head about that day isn't exactly roses. I just want to forget."Nora nodded in understanding. "I know. I get it, but...""No buts, mom. I'm only human. Except someone deletes that day from my memory, it has taken the position of my birthday." Kara told her as a matter of fact.Nora nodded again. "At least something good came out. Congrats on your internship."Kara smiled. "That should have been worth celebrating."******"When y
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Kara stared deeply at the newspaper byline. "Truck swept woman, and child to death."Apparently, it was already investigated why the woman died. She got herself into the ordeal. She wanted to die because she no longer had anything to live for.Kara scoffed. "What a woman! If only the child has a say on it." She uttered, although still deep in thoughts about everything."Horrible right?" Zoey commented getting a seat beside Kara.Kara looked at her as she sat down, and dropped the article on her desk. "Indeed.""Funny how it happened in front of the Daily Research," Zoey stated.Kara just nodded. "We need to find a scoop. Something to write about, 'cause I sure as hell wanna leave this basement." She said looking around with a slight frown on her face.Zoey nodded in agreement. "And you sure as hell ain't the only one thinking that way. Everyone wants to leave. It's a competition""Right from high school, we've ruled the journalist world, and it's all thanks to the fact that my mom is
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The Hook...Kara kept typing, trying to decipher where the place could be found, but it was becoming really hard, and time is not waiting patiently for her, since it was now the next two days.She sighed remembering the faces and still wondering how she saw something, or someone she's never seen before.Everything she's seen, she has always been there at that spot, but this's different. She has no clue whatsoever."Hey, Kara!" She heard making her look up from her laptop."Layla." She responded with surprise, seeing Zoey beside her. "And you're here."Zoey nodded. "Yep. My class took longer than usual.""I know you guys will not be busy by four. I need your escort." Layla told us."To where?" I asked with furrowed brows."A club. I was invited by a friend to an underground club called The Hook." She informed.Kara's eyes widened at the information. "The Hook." 'Big coincidence.' She said in her thought.Layla nodded. "According to my friend, it's a club that only special peo
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"Mommy! Mommy! No mommy please!" The little girl cried aloud seeing her mom's head separated from her body, and blood gushing all over.Her cries were very loud knowing her mommy has left her. Her mommy is dead.In anger, she glared at the monster and stood up to pursue the monster away. It must go away. The fire monster must go away!!"You..."She sighted her dad shake his head in disapproval. "Ca.."But before she knew it, she found herself flying with her scream all over the room, and then she rose from the bed like someone with a heart attack. Her breathing was incredibly fast, and it made her wonder when she'll ever stop having nightmares about that unfortunate day.After a heavy gulp to completely steady her breathing, she got a glimpse of her surrounding, and her face scowled as she looked around.She got off her bed wondering why she was in the middle of the road, and a seem to be empty city.Funny thing is, no matter the time, Capital City is never empty.She kept looking aro
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"I was able to slightly decipher what that club 'The Hook'' is about, and I got something," Zoey informed Kara as she noticed Kara walking in, her eyes fixated on her laptop screen.Kara stopped beside her and nodded slowly in slight disbelief knowing how much she tried to. "Okay.""It's owned by a very weird name, but I'm sure it's a guy who calls himself Leopard."Kara frowned. "Weird name. How?"She raised her ticket up. "The serial number written on it. I traced it, and discovered it was faked, and not from a company.""You didn't confront the guy who faked it, right?" Kara asked her.Zoey shook her head. "Of course not. That would be stupid. Anna did that for me.""Anna Gray?" Kara asked loudly with a sudden frown and a distaste in her voice.Zoey nodded. "You know how she'd do anything for money. I paid her to help me get close to the guy since I discovered one of his weaknesses was women, and she was able to get this one information from him."Kara sat down. "A weird name, not
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"Do you already have something you're researching about, cause I'm surprised you haven't met me for a scoop?" Nora asked looking at Kara as she stole a piece of cupcake her mom baked to give out to the orphanage tomorrow."Kara," Nora warned seeing she was disturbing her arrangement, and shortening the cakes."Last one," Kara promised with the food in her mouth and gulped it hard into her stomach."Be careful how you eat, Kara."Kara took water from the fridge and drank it."So answer my question."Kara nodded and closed the water. "Yes, kind of.""What kind? Not a dangerous kind, right?" Nora asked her.Kara sighed. "You are the one doing the dangerous work, mom, not me.""Tell me what you're researching about." Nora cajoled."Don't even know. Still working on loose ends, hoping it becomes something."Nora nodded. "I get that.""When is Sofia coming back?" Kara asked."Oh. She didn't tell you?""Tell me what?" Kara asked confused."She's sleeping over at Kate's. She won't be coming b
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"How much longer do you think you can hide, Percillia?"Percillia shut her eyes closed for a while. "It means I don't want you to find me, Trick."Trick stood waiting for her to finish what she was doing, and then all her eyes opened. "What invited you to my abode?""Don't I have the right to come here?""I no longer owe the king anything, but I've known I'll meet one of you on my doorsteps one day. I warned about that last chance to be used wisely, but instead, Gordon was sent to do the job.""That was one flaw we'll always regret.""I'm sure it took some guts to come to me again. I owe you guys nothing."Trick nodded. "Well, you'll be surprised to know we owe you something. I'm sure your three eyes didn't help you to notice something of yours missing.""What did you do?" Percillia asked with clenched teeth like she was realizing something."I took something important of yours. Your eggs."Her eyes widened. "No!!""You do as I say, or your eggs hatch in my abode."....Zoey kept g
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