The masked man was seen looking at his shoulder for any shy followers. Satisfied with his safety, he plunged into the street and walked for some minutes. Then arrived at the shore of Greenwich island, and the light and the humming sound of a speedboat were heard as he stepped closer.

After a few minutes of fast stride, he arrived at earshot and instantly announced to the ferryman to be ready to depart.

"Death is after me, be quick and ignite your boat for instant departure."

"Walk fast, been waiting for you for hours."

"I need to wait till darkness descended, so I can be invisible."

"You are saved now. No one is after you and we are here alone."

"I won't be saved until am out of Greenwich soil. Let's go."

He arrived at the boat side, lifted one leg into the boat, and was about to raise the second leg when a gunshot was heard. He wobble for a second, then fell dead instantly.

When the ferryman peers into the water and sees the dead man and the crimson colour around him, he leapt
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