The newly employed lady of attendance is a lively woman, enthusiastic and charismatic. And her excitement soon earns her the friendship of most of the ladies.

Dressed in a blue backless crop top and a white mini skirt, she was seen gossiping with other nudely dressed ladies, when three tall and well muscles men walked inside.

"Look at their bags, they are travelers and will be needing accommodation for the night."

One of the ladies observed, and they all catwalk toward the incoming men to advertise their merchandise.

"Please come to my room and spend your night in my arms, my love."

"My mattress is soft, my room is clean and smells nice. Come and enjoy unlimited sex for a penny."

The men ignored them, push them feebly off their way, stepped into the main hall, and walked towards the section that is made for liquor drinkers.

"Market is dry, I wonder why men no longer crave sex."

"Because the weather is hot as rain no longer falls. This season will soon pass away."

"Let's go closer."

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