Ice Monarch

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Ice Monarch

By: RidiculousRobinn CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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What defines a person? Is it who they're friends with? Their social status? Their family name? Or is it their actions? Lucien Verglas is a poor commoner living in the town of Cleardale. He and his parents barely have enough to put food on the table, but they are a loving family. The Verglas used to be a name of royalty, but that status was stripped because of the first monarch's actions. Now, Lucien has to withstand discrimination of all sorts from everyone. Forbidden to use ice magic, he and his family struggles day to day... or can he change that? Why was his family cast out? What did the first monarch do? Join Lucien on his adventure to find the truth behind his family's discrimination, all while trying to fight off monsters and others that want him killed.


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Lucien Verglas
Pow!‘Why?’Pow!‘What did I do to deserve this?’Pow!“That’s right, you filthy commoner, stay down. Oh wait… you’re not even at the level of a commoner. You don’t deserve this whole loaf of bread or these coppers, but I’ll leave a few crumbs,” laughed a boy along with his followers.Pow!Lucien Verglas, a nine-year-old boy with short white hair and cold blue eyes, laid in the street, tattered and beaten. His clothes were that of rags, barely enough to cover his body, let alone keep his frail body warm.

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Happy Birthday!
Lucien woke up the smell of fresh bread and the chirping of birds outside. He rubbed his eyes, then yawned.“Morning sweetie. Ready for breakfast?” asked his mother.Lucien smiled, “Yes mother!”As Lucien ate his bread his father walked in the door.“There you are my boy, ready to learn some basic self-defense?”“Yeah!” cheered Lucien.“Good, meet me outside, when you finish your bread,” Instructed his father.Lucien stuffed his bread in mouth, took a small drink of water to help swallow it, then rushed outside to meet his
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The Whole Story
“Hey guys look, it’s that low-life Verglas,” sneered the boy in front who looked to be the ringleader of the four boys behind him.“Hi Cletus,” greeted Lucien. Cletus Adelson was a noble’s son, so naturally, many kids would flock under his leadership. He was a little taller than Lucien with combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. He was dressed in fancy clothes that suited a noble’s son.“What do I keep saying peasant? You don’t deserve that bread. Now give it to me.”“Come on Cletus. This is my food. My family barely has enough as it is. I can’t be wasting it on someone like you. Besides, what did I ever do to you guys?”Cletus scowled in response to t
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A New Friend
Lucien woke the next morning to a light pitter patter of rain on the roof of the cabin. He put on his new shirt that his mother did her best to clean, and the pants he always wore, even though they were too short for him now.His wounds healed slightly, but they were still tender.After having his breakfast, he gathered his books and set out to school.By the time he had reached the school, he was soaked from the rain outside, water dripping off of his hair and clothes. He was a little earlier than his other classmates, so he patiently waited and decided to practice writing some of the letters Ms. Grell had taught him yesterday.His other classmates slowly filed in and took their seats. Lucien noticed that everyone avoided sitting any
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One Year
As the days went by, Kalin and Lucien became great friends. They accompanied each other wherever they went, to school, to The Tavern, on the way to each other’s home. They even took the same beatings. Although, Lucien felt bad about this because all of the beatings were only supposed to be for him, but Kalin refused to leave Lucien when those times came.Lucien’s father also hung a bag of dirt on the tree nearby their cabin. Lucien made immediate use of this and practiced hard. His father wasn’t able to teach him much during the week, but he had the weekends off, so his father was able to instruct Lucien then since Lucien had the weekends off as well.It was tradition in the country of Verglacia to not do any work during the weekends unless you were tending to your home. Lucien made use of these times to practice his s
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Hard Work Pays Off
Lucien ran home to tell his mother the news.“Mother! Mr. Fuller gave me ten coppers!” Lucien exclaimed.“That’s amazing sweetheart!” his mother congratulated. “Did you wash more dishes than usual?”“Yeah. He paid me extra for it!”“Oh, tell me how you did.”“The tests? I felt like I did alright. Results will be posted at the school in a week.”“That’s good.”“I’m going to back outside ok, Mother!” Lucien rushed back outside, picked up his wooden sword, and headed towar
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Two days later, it was the start of the second year of school.“What do you think the new teacher will be like?” Kalin asked Lucien as they walked towards the school.Kalin looked to have gotten a little taller after a year. Lucien, however, hadn’t grown at all except mentally.“I’m not sure. I hope whoever it is teaches as well as Ms. Grell did.”“You got that right. All I want to do is pass. So they better be good at teaching. I don’t want to put in any more work than I have too.”“What do you want to do when you finish school?” Lucien asked.“Hmm. I’ve
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The next day, Lucien’s shoulder would throb in pain with any movement he made.“What happened to you Lucien?” asked Kalin when they met up to walked to school.“Oh, this…” Lucien told the entire story of going to the edge of the forest and running into the Siagan and his father coming to save him.“That’s insane. You’re lucky your father showed up when he did.”“Yeah, I’m lucky that this is all I received.” Lucien pointed at his shoulder. “A pretty good punishment, don’t you think?”“For sure.”After school, they both tried t
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Lucien woke up very early with his father the next day and headed out through the farmland towards the forest lying in the east.It was a nice cool morning and the ground was covered with a thick dew. The morning was barely lit by the light of the sun as it hadn’t risen far enough into the sky yet.After about a half an hour they reached the edge of the forest.“You ready?” his father asked.“For sure.” Lucien held up his bow and two arrows. His father only brought a couple loafs of stale bread for when they got really hungry. Unfortunately for the Verglas, they were always hungry.His father led the way into the forest and began to scan the forest groun
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Class Selection
The last school year finished and both Lucien and Kalin graduated with about thirty others. Everyone else dropped out or just couldn’t pass the end of year tests.All the graduated students received a letter which read:Congratulations graduate! Now that you have completed the four years of school successfully, you have the option of attending the Class Selection Event on November 1st, 582. During this event you will be able to pick a class of warrior to study and work under. More details will be explained at the event on the date listed above such as the opportunities that become available to you once you become an official warrior under your class title. This event will be held in Cleardale’s council building located in the Northeast section of town. Please bring this letter as your entry ticket if you plan on j
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