While madam Achia was serving the punishment for treachery, some couples were seen in discussions inside a well-furnished room with the latest gadget, and a king-size bed.

"Thank you for visiting my humble abode. I can't believe you keep your promise," Aries announced with a full grin, hugged Jade one more time, and made her seat beside him.

"Hope you are comfortable here?"

"Yes, I am. You have got yourself a nice place."

"I agree everything is perfect, except for a presence of a woman to complete it."

"Why don't you get married?"

"I had a wife and kids at home. I just want a woman with no string of attachment."

"I understand your point. Men need the presence of women to feel alive. That is why is not good for couples to be living far from each other."

"What can I do? Man must seek money wherever it can be found. So what can I offer you?"

"Anything available. As long as it's food and wine."

"Few minutes," Aries announced, looked backwards, and cried out to his chef to serve hi
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