God of sword

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God of sword

By: ñõ ñãmē gamer OngoingFantasy

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A young boy who has trash cultivation talent, got a book which change his life. will he able to reach the peak of cultivation world, lets find out......

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  • GCsage


    Cool.. Even with the short synopsis, anyone will be satisfy with it

    2023-07-01 15:35:36
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19 chapters
A 12 years old boy in a ragged clothes came out of camp, looking little bit of out of mood. As he was told that he do not have any talent for cultivation. Talent of person is determined by what type of physiques and spiritual root he has. physiques determined how good your body can handle qi, for example if a person has good physiques he will not have any too much problem while breaking through realms. And good spiritual roots determined the how fast your body can collect  and refined qi and what type of qi. The boy just stare blankly at the sky as if he lost all hope, but he quickly regain himself up from that state. As he walk along way, he saw many people around his age, some feeling joy and some with sadness. The boy muttered under his breath only he can hear:" what does that thing matter, as if that can change anything". But deep down in his heart he knew that thing matters for most people, people can get status, they can live carefr
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Old man and The way of sword
As the owner took Theo to one of table to eat, the person twitched and said;" I lost my appetite to eat". as he slammed the money in the table walked out shouting;" hey owner the money is on the table". Theo look at the man walking out the  restaurant and at the owner, the owner look at Theo and said;" don't mind him". During all this incident Theo never spoked or mind anything cause every time he came here to eat something like that happened. "Owner Shi, can i get a bowl of ramen please", after saying that Theo walk to the table and sit down. The owner of shop whom Theo call owner Shi cause he usually called that, heard what Theo said as he walk out and said" okay". After some time the food came as Theo ate the food and ask some extra so he can eat during dinner time. As Theo took the take out and walk out  of the restaurant and walking out the town, so he can get to house and get some rest because of what happened today he was exhausted no
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F**k*ng Old book...
After walking for one and half hours, Theo finally reached home. first he kept the book and went to the nearby stream to freshen up so that he could rest well, as who wants to rest all sweat in his body. Even though he didn't do any manual work, he walk from town to forest. After freshening himself up, Theo sat down to read the book. It was evening as the examination took all day. Theo open the book as he started reading the book happily as he thought it was fortune for him to get cultivation technique for free, "Day 1 : I started my training by swinging my sword 1000 times.....". "fuck you Old man", shouted Theo clutching his heart as if he is in pain," ahhh..., this fucking old book is not a cultivation technique its a fucking diary" A low level common cultivation techniques price is around 10-20 gold coin above common cultivation technique people can't buy it, and which is rather high price for Theo. He thought he got a  cultivation technique
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A beautiful Black sword
When Theo lay down in the  floor and making plan for  tomorrow, it was slightly dark outside. He got up and start making food from some left over meat, that he kept when hunting yesterday. Theo used to hunt small  beast like Rabbit and rat and sell his pelt and meat to earn his living, Cause he can't always do odd jobs, especially during winter. Most of his earning from odd jobs comes during the spring and Autumn where there used to be lot of work.  and it is beginning of the spring season when most of the sect used to recruit new disciple. As Theo wait for the left over meat to cook, he went to the place where the trap he set up was. as Theo check all the trap, he said to himself," no luck, ha.. i guess it is the start of  the spring season, most of the animal didn't get out of their build, knowing how cold was the winter,". He sigh and feeling little bit dejected he went to his home. Theo's house look like shed, where there  is
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Golden Body Transformation and Zen breathing Technique
While walking towards the shop from where Theo wants to buy the body Tempering Technique is called, Martial Pavilion. Martial Pavilion is a widely known pavilion for selling Techniques and it is established mostly in all town and city of the kingdom. They mostly sell low level cultivation Techniques because high level are too precious only few sects have. The techniques are divided into :- common, earth, Heaven, divine, etc. Each division is divided into sub division:- low, mid, high, peak. "what a fool i am, i forgot that i have to buy breathing Technique too," Theo muttered to himself while walking to the pavilion. yesterday while reading the old book he learn the realm of cultivation and how it is divided. i.e. Body tempering/ foundation building Qi refining core formation Nascent soul soul core formation soul body formation Immortal Realm, etc. He also learn that anybody can cultivate, they o
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After buying everything he need Theo went to his house..... Keeping everything he bought in his shed, Theo started making training plans. and it goes like this 100 push ups 100 pull ups 100 squats 20 Km run 1000 swinging of swords and body tempering. why there is no need for training of breathing technique is because breathing technique are use in a way to guide qi to their body and to the dantian, so that's why he can only used breathing technique to tempered his body. so there is need for it. Theo start taking his upper clothe so that he won't drenched his cloth with sweat. As he look at his body, he can see that he doesn't have any muscle, he is a skinny 12 year old boy. he doesn't look malnourished. after looking at himself Theo start doing his training according to routine he make. He usually get tired after doing push up and pull up, till then he didn't  give up. as for why he is doing this ro
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Training- II
When Theo open his eyes from his body tempering, the sun was about to set, So he got up and when to check his trap. There he caught rabbit, and a rat, Mostly in three traps out of 5 he placed got something and in two traps, there was nothing. so he took the hunt clean it in the river, wash the meat, kept the pelt, and started cooking the meat for his dinner. Theo ate the meat and when to sleep, as it was harsh day or you can say tiring day. He woke up early in the morning and started doing his daily routine of training. It is two week of training when Theo started it. He can feel many changes happening to his body. In body tempering he was at Third stages, where he have to tempered his vein from qi and open up 8 meridian so that he can tempered his bone and five treasured organ. During this time he went to town once only to tell old man jiang that he won't be coming to the work for one month. He also increase his number of swing from 1000 to 10,000 sw
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First Encounter with the wild beast
This is the third week of the month, and it was early in the morning, when Theo woke up, and went to the stream to fresh up, he look at himself at the water and check his body, Anybody can see the changes in his body, His muscle are tightly pack, it isn't too much of muscle like gym guys, till then his body was well defined. If he wear his clothes nobody will see that changes, but when he removes his cloth anybody can feel the well define body of his. After washing himself up, Theo went back, ate his breakfast, and start doing his daily routine of Training. While doing the exercise of pull ups, push ups, etc. he doesn't see any noticeable changes, so he decided that he will stop doing this exercise, and he will only swing the sword and practice the one slash move from the way of the sword. As usual, after finishing his training, which was noon Theo took some rest and ate his lunch. finishing what must be done, Theo start tempering his body, It was in the last
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completion of Basic tempering.
huff huff, huff, the rough breathing of someone can be heard all over the forest, it was so loud as the person in question, was doing it on purpose, the said person was obviously Theo, after killing the beast/ black brown bear. Theo drag his body out of the stream to shore and laid back making the huffing sound. It was Theo first battle, and it was the hardest battle of all, and as well as Theo regret not bringing his sword, because it would be a little bit easy, with the black sword, over time during the practices, Theo notice that the black sword was too sharp, and feel regretted and thankful for the person who sold it without knowing anything. It was already dark, when Theo decided that it was best to go home, so he took the from the beast eyes. And start skinning it, many might been confused as how did Theo learn the hunting skill, Theo doesn't know any hunting skill, he knows how to place trap and skinning, it was his first hunt. that he
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Huge harvest and the next stage of body Tempering.
Theo was walking back to his house, after cleaning himself up, in a deep thought, and confused look in his face. He was still confused as why did the Black Gu substance came out of his body, thinking that he didn't even complete, forget about complete, he wasn't in the late stage of body tempering, why. he was pondering very hard, his heart was confused, it was etching for the answer, but there was no one to answer. as he whispered in his own thought," did i do something wrong while cultivating it, or is it because of Golden body Transformation, as i can see that my skin are smooth and soft. hmm then it must be because of golden body transformation technique." But who would tell him that bone tempering is the last stage of body tempering, Every cultivator after tempering their bone, refined their qi. But it isn't Theo mistake for not knowing that, as he was ignorant 12 year boy, who just started his life as a cultivator. He will soon learn everything about it, with time.
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