Back inside Johji Inn, ladies of attendance can be seen standing in columns and discussing the mysterious disappearance of their boss, and the death of most of his thugs.

"What is going on on this island? Lady Shasha was murdered a few days ago, now his son had disappeared as usual."

"Yet we have a prince who claimed to be our ruler. This is unimaginable."

"Don't you know the royal house is connected to all this thing that had been happening, how did Onishi escape from their tight prison?"

"You are right, now they have freed his mother as well. The spirit of our dead mistress will torment them from the afterlife."

"Be quiet, the mafias from the palace are here."

Ten men stepped into Johji In, and the weapons in their hands and the countenance on their faces show that they are not here for matters that have to do with pleasure, but for business.

The man who was their leader stepped forward and cried out in loud voice, "the royal house sympathizes with you and is assuring you that all e
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