While Augur was leading two men into the palace of the mafia king, Priest and Aries were on their way to see prince Onishi.

The two men sat at the back of a jeep and were drove towards the wharf some miles off.

Minutes later, their car passed through a barricade made of iron, and the men were welcomed with salutes as they drove into the secluded area of water.

The car was parked at the car park, and the two men at the back stepped down, walked towards the ships on buckles, and entered inside a blue-painted large ship with a bold ALL FOR CROWN written on its body.

"Is that the ship Onishi is hidden?"

"Yes. We will be meeting him in a few minutes."

"I heard he is getting better."

"We will see with our eyes."

The inside of the ship looks more like the interior of an executive suite and the two men walked through the long and well-decorated corridor, arrived at the front of a door, twist the doorknob, and stepped into a room that served as a nursing home for any injured seaman.

The wou
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