Astroth : The Last Dragon

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Astroth : The Last Dragon

By: Vks_sh OngoingFantasy

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He was reincarnated in a fantasy world! As a human? -No! Vampire? -No! Dragon ??? One day a magic circle appeared in Kazuma's classroom which activated when he was half inside the circle. The moment it activated, he couldn't endure the splitting pain of transporting and lost his life. Fortunately a black magician summoned him to the dead body of a baby dragon, however he chained Kazuma with soul binding. Kazuma gets reincarnated in this world as the last dragon, 'Astroth', but he has no idea about his existence. Here we see his search for survival and truth, his retreat from the black magician, his curiosity about the world. As he explores this world, he makes new friends and gains strength. His animosity towards his own fellow classmates and some tyrant nations, may lead him down the path of world’s greatest enemy of all times. Closely watch this thrilling journey of Astroth, the last dragon. Note: the cover art is not my creation, its credit belongs to its respective creator.

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  • sim


    Sudden summoning and battle right from the start makes it thrilling. keep updates regular please!

    2022-11-01 10:14:46
  • AATAnime


    This is a fantastic novel that deserves that five star, it had an amazing story line and the plot settings is great .... I will be expecting more chapters from you.

    2022-09-16 16:41:45
  • Vks_sh


    check out my new book. Give reviews and comments.

    2022-09-14 18:53:57
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30 chapters
The Summoning!
The loud ringing of a bell rang again, marking the end of the fifth period of school. With the echo of that noise, some rumbling began in the surroundings since lunch usually lines up after that said term.Something similar to school bustlings could be heard in Section B of high school's second-year classroom. Even though the math teacher was present before them, the students stood from their respective seats and gossiped.The teacher snorted and glanced at the students while going with a bitter expression. From the scene, one could infer his respect was low or the students had that kind of behavior with every teacher on their school staff.Among those cheery and haughty students, there was one with the least presence, sitting in the last seat of the last row. The sudden bell startled him awake from his deep dream world. His black hair and ordinary face had the least charm one could have.In those groups of students in the classroom, he belonged to no one. One could even say nobody re
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Zoukar' The Mad
In never-ending darkness, his consciousness hovered around. Nothing other than loneliness and pitch-black surroundings could be seen. "Did I die due to my blunder of half entering the circle? If I knew such a thing could happen, I would rather not have stepped even half inside the magic circle," he thought inwardly. In that never-ending darkness, a bright gleam shone from a bit far from his current position. That shine attracted him while captivating his consciousness. Kazuma had no other option but to check out that thing. "At least let me see what that thing is! What could be worse than death for my consciousness living in this nothingness?" he pondered inwardly. Gradually, he approached that brightness and that gleam blinded him for a while as he lost his vision. That moment felt like another moment of darkness for him until some chants entered his ears. "Oh! My Lord, please accept my offering of a worthy soul for my heed [Soul Speaker]." Kazuma opened his eyes to find himself
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Flame Element
After learning the name of that old man, Kazuma learned some more things from the events that occurred until now. First, that man’s name was Zoukar the Mad, which somewhat gives justice to his personality.Another thing he contemplated was his arrival in a strange world where magic exists and some weird people wield them. When that magic circle activated in his classroom, Kazuma, due to his blunder, lost his soul to nothingness, from where this capable and senile black magician caught him and transmitted his soul to a lifeless animal.His enslavement was another subject to drive. However, he tried to feign ignorance towards that thing since that's what he usually did all his life. To live and learn, he had to obey the magician until he was capable enough to achieve freedom.Now the question arose as to where the hell was in the cave that the old man summoned him to. Other than darkness and some weird rumblings after slight periods, he could infer nothing from that place."Can you invo
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That revelation slipped the ground underneath Kazuma's feet. The dungeon, a topic among fantasy-loving teens, is used in all fantasy novels or webtoons. A place where monsters stroll around and adventurers eliminate them for some rewards. "Is this the same dungeon I'm thinking of?" Kazuma sweated profusely. Although he couldn't ask for the magician's knowledge through words, he tried to crawl around and jump to attract attention towards him.Unfortunately, his actions had the opposite effect on the magician. He scowled and yelled at him, annoyed with his ignorant actions. He thought Kazuma was an ordinary beast and was delighted to live once again with some skill.His nickname 'The Mad' has some reality and meaning behind it!Furthermore, he even kicked Kazuma and activated some restraint magic on his soul, marking the beginning of a striking pain in his head. That pain somehow tried to split apart his existence."No! Stop it, you bastard. I get it! I get it!" Kazuma screamed in his
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Dungeon (2)
The bustling sounds came a lot closer to Kazuma and Zoukar, but Zoukar wasn't the one to feel panicked or frightened; it was Kazuma who had his brows wet. He squinted his eyes to get a closer look at the incoming enemies.Two massive silhouettes appeared out of nowhere as he focused his gaze. Their aura and crackling sounds were more explicit than before. Now the vague rumbling was crystal clear.Furthermore, their silhouette had lots of giant limbs with numerous jointed attachments and tentacles. Those creatures stepped forward. They looked like black giant ants with long tentacles and sharp teeth, which freaked Kazuma out of his wits.Their large pointed teeth could easily grind him, and their long legs could serve as a cage to catch small creatures. They could easily bind and gnash any small being at their leisure."Wh-what the hell are those damn scary ants? Am I supposed to fight them with this small ass body?" Kazuma stuttered in his head.His brows became wet as he frowned with
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Dungeon (3)
Kazuma wriggled and squirmed around, slithering his way through their appendages. He crept behind them and took a deep breath before the ants could again try to trample him. He attempted to concentrate on his back while narrowly dodging their pounding strikes.The ants crackled together as if talking their way to each other. Those sounds clutter Kazuma's head, forcing him to lose focus. Gradually, he had to concentrate on only defending rather than flying.However, the ants strategized a way to encircle him and jumped around, trapping Kazuma in between the two of them. Their enormous legs resembled a large cage, built for rhinos or something.Kazuma swallowed as his mouth dried due to fear. Now all his progress has been halted by those giant beings. Continuing down Kazuma's path, they again crackled in loud noises, as if mocking the tiny reptile to crawl and beg for its life.Meanwhile, Kazuma felt his head blank in those bustles. His life was nearing its end, whether he would beg or
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Dungeon (4)
Breaking the melancholy and solemn heart of Kazuma, a voice echoed in the caved dungeon, "Let's go, Astroth! We have to move faster to conquer the dungeon sooner or the ants will gather after hearing the crackle of those dead ants."Kazuma turned to Zoukar and stared at him for a while. From his statement, he could infer this dungeon had a lot more monster ants than he thought. However, he had yet to believe everything Zoukar said since he had never witnessed his might other than the soul binding.Keeping his faith in Zoukar aside, they marched forward while carefully sneaking their way further into the dungeon. Even so, nothing contrasting or particularly strange crossed their path; everything was the same dark cave.While on their way, Zoukar suddenly began speaking to Kazuma, "This dungeon had lots of ants around. Even the cave is larger than one could think. If you felt we were at the beginning of the dungeon, then you’re outright wrong. We’re in the middle of nowhere in the ant h
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Dungeon (5)
With a slight incline, Zoukar scrutinized the chamber from the entrance. He squinted his eyes and then said, "We can attract the whole ant army if we can somehow blaze this chamber filled with their beloved offspring."An intense gaze and a smile crept onto Zoukar's face as he glanced at Kazuma and the ants. He was ready to cut the corners on this strategy. Even Kazuma had shivers down his spine.Zoukar snorted and commanded, "Astroth, you have to smolder this chamber into ashes and bits while I'll distract the soldiers and worker ants with my magic.""Huh! At last, he'll show me something worthwhile. Let me see what magic he can display to distract those monsters," Kazuma hummed and chuckled.Zoukar pointed to the eggs and said, "Swiftly go and do the deed when you find the opening."He closed his eyes and concentrated the mana around his skulled staff. Don't know how, but Kazuma could also feel the mana concentration increasing around Zoukar, maybe due to him being a beast or whethe
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Dungeon (6)
Kazuma glanced around and resolved to again dive into enemy territory. Although this whole dungeon was the ants' home, Kazuma and his so-called master black mage, Zoukar, invaded that home of theirs.However, their attempt wasn’t limited to invading; this time they were going to massacre ant offspring, who could rise against the enemies as workers or soldiers. With a deep sigh, Kazuma resolved his heart to steel over his next action.He stepped forward into the chamber while the ants were involved with Zoukar’s undead soldiers. A loud pumping sound could be heard from the tiny heart of his small reptile body. He swallowed as a chill trickled down his body.Gradually, he closed the distance between him and the eggs, but the black ants were still protecting the eggs with their lives. Someone had to attract the attention of those ants for Kazuma to use his trick.As if Zoukar realized what he was doing, he summoned more of his undead and directed them at the black ants. Meanwhile, the re
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Dungeon (7)
While Zoukar chuckled hysterically, Kazuma felt nauseous and repugnant watching the massacre he brewed on the orders of an insane mage. However, he understood such events would be a common occurrence if he had to live with Zoukar and survive his insanity.In his reverie, he heard the loud shriek of those burning ants left in the blazing fire. That scream echoed in the whole dungeon cave. That sound startled Kazuma and even Zoukar to some extent.With a hurried concerned voice, Zoukar exclaimed, "Shit! Even in that heat, these giant shitty ants could transmit their intentions far to their kin. We have to run and hide before the terrible ant waves march on us and smash us down their limbs!"Zoukar swallowed after completing his sentence and gave a short glance at Kazuma. The upcoming fight even frightened him, or he had already seen what was about to come after hearing the cries of the burning ants.Suddenly, some rumbling began in the dungeon, and the whole cave shuddered. That tremble
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