The mercenaries were shocked at the sudden emergence of the royal house mafias, and believing they were betrayed by their client, they quickly leaped at lady Agatha before she can fire the second shot, knocked the gun off her hand, scooped her up, and disappeared into the thick forest behind them.

When the mafias arrived some moment later, they saw the dead body of a tall bald man, saw the footprints of the rest of the mercenaries, and quickly raced after them.

"Lady Agatha Is been kidnapped," one among the mafias in red uniform informed his comrade as they plunged into the thicker forest.

"We must get her back now, or else -"

"Or what? Is it our fault that she keeps endangering her life?"

"Her fault or not, we won't be spared if anything happens to her."

"Hey, look out!"

"What's that?"

"I can see them hidden behind some trees. I bet they were about to shoot at us."

"Take cover behind the trees."

What ensues after was a long time of gunshots exchange between the party.

As the royal
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