The lone traveller walked through the night and arrived at the front of the palace's big black gate.

Since the mafias were alert at the other side of the gate, it was promptly opened, after the lady had identified himself.

"Is her majesty available to attend to me?"

"Yes. She is expecting you. Can you hear the sound of her guitar and her melodious voice?"

"Aye. Did she always bless you with her gift every night?"

"Not always. You are lucky tonight."

"Am always lucky. Ain't I?"

Both pairs walked through the long corridor and passed various checkpoints and numerous gates that are guarded by red eyes mafias.

After being checked for any concealed weapons on the seventh time at the last gate, they were admitted into Andrea's compartment of the palace, and the mafia signalled to the lady to go ahead.

As the lady walked closer, the power of Andrea's melodious voice gripped her consciousness, and she had to admit the gods were benevolent by giving humans the gift of music.

Afraid to halt th
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