The priest was rooted in a spot as the two assassins disappeared into the darkness and were gone instantly.

A moment later when he regained consciousness, he raced after them and searched through the darkness, then gave up at the realisation that they had left mysteriously the way they entered.

Without wasting time, the anxious-looking foreigner pressed the alarm button and the whole headquarters became alive with noises that blared out from several speakers that had been fixed at various spots inside the headquarters.

"Who pressed the alarm button?" Augur who just arrive at the muster point in front of the veranda that lead into their section of flats asked with a sleepy face.

"I did. I just had some visitors from the black ninjas."

"What! How did they manage to penetrate inside here?"

"Either from the front gate or the rear gate. The alarm system on the wall wasn't tampered with, which signifies they didn't the fence."

"Here comes the leader of the guard in charge of the front gate
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