Dead & Lost: Final Return To Freedom

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Dead & Lost: Final Return To Freedom

By: Ayesha Majeed OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Jaxon needs someone trustworthy to help him freeing Ethan Wells, a cursed Vampire. William, Rosie, Michael and his daughter Alexa are on a trip to Romania but unfortunately, Alexa has lost somewhere. Jaxon finds them and asks to make a deal. He promises to find the girl on a condition…

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26 chapters
On The Way To Romania
''Pack up your bags Rosie. I'll not allow you to waste the time tomorrow morning. We have to leave for Romania''. William warned his sister as he sat on the bed with a book in his hand. He might be of 33. Blue-eyed, handsome, hard-faced and tall. ''I've already done it''. A pretty looking girl entered the room. She would of 22 years of age. Quite innocent looking, blue-eyed and golden haired. She was Rosie. William's younger sister. William lived in a small house along with his sister and daughter. Their parent died years ago. William's wife died too! She had gone to Miami to visit her elder brother when she met an accident and died at the spot. Rosie was very closely attached to her sister-in-law. She took Ava's and William's daughter's charge. ''Aren't you TOO much excited to go to Romania?''. Rosie put emphasis on 'too'. ''I mean we have visited Italy, France and even a country like Switzerland! You weren't so much eager before ever!''. She continued hanging a towel in the bathr
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Asher & Ryan
Asher stopped the car in front of a big, old house. "We're here". He sighed pushing the break.Michael peeked his head out. "This place is very far from the airport. It seems_ it's at the end of the city"."Damn right". Asher nodded."It's the west end of the city"."What? West end? Are you kidding me?". Michael was frightened."What do you mean?". Asher asked."Hoia-Baciu's close enough from here". Michael replied."So what?". Asher shrugged."Aren't you scared living here? This house is the last house of the street". Michael said."Living near a forest isn't scary Michael". Asher chuckled."There's a lot of difference between living near a forest and living near Hoia-Baciu". Michael said."Here we go again". William sighed and stepped out of the car as he felt that Michael is going to start a debate."There's no ghost living in Hoia-Baciu. It's all supernatural activities that make people afraid. Don't you worry.I've been living here for years. Nothing bad has ever happene
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Where's Alexa?
A whole week passed now. Not only Cluj-Napoca, the group discovered a couple of neighboring cities as well. Romania IS very beautiful. Not one can deny it!It was 8:00 in the morning when everyone woke up and waited for the breakfast. Asher and Ryan were at their own house. They had provided the group with everything which can make them feel at home.Rosie prepared the breakfast herself. The kitchen window was open, Asher too was preparing breakfast in his kitchen at his place.Alexa was playing outside near the road with her doll. "Alexa! Don't go near the road". Rosie shouted as she fried the eggs on the fry pan.Asher suddenly looked up at her and smiled. "A Monarch without a crown, I'm going to give you that crown Rosie". He conversed with himself."Hurry up everyone! Breakfast's ready". Rosie summoned everyone in the dining room.She set four dishes on the table..Michael entered."I'M ACTUALLY STARVING." He said before sitting at the table. William also came in."Goo
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The Stranger
They were instructed to go to the commissioner's office by the police officer at the reception. Asher, William and Rosie went in. Due to his lack of English proficiency, Asher spoke to him in Romanian.(The following conversation is translated from Romanian to English for convenience. This conversation was only understood by Asher and the commissioner).As Asher was a famous cardiologist, everyone in the city knew him. The commissioner did too. He was delighted to see him."Hello Dr. Stewards! How can I assist you? ". Commissioner greeted Asher in a friendly manner.Without saying something irrelevant, Asher pointed at William. "He lost his daughter"."Where?". The commissioner asked while leaning forward."Somewhere close to Hoia-Baciu." Asher answered."Are you serious Doctor?" The commissioner was taken aback. "Let him know Hoia-Baciu is eerie. We can't take that risk"."But the girl disappeared NEAR Hoia-Baciu not IN". Asher spoke gravely."There is NO REASON for the girl'
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Monsters? For Real?
Michael was sipping his coffee while standing on the balcony. The door was pounded by William and Rosie. "Come on in". Michael permitted and went into the room, placing the coffee cup on the table resting beside the bed. "Hey". Rosie grinned. "H-hi". Michael was perplexed to see them both. "Is everything okay?". He queried. "Y-yeah". William had a peek at Rosie. "Why do you think that way?". He spoke looking back at Michael "It's fairly late at night, that's why". Michael continued. "You may take a seat. "We knew you'll be up". Together with her brother, Rosie sat on the couch. "I couldn't fall asleep". Michael uttered. "Nobody is able to fall asleep. Even Ryan and Asher ". William lowered his head and cried. "I am solely to blame for this. I should have picked a different city ". He added. 'No, no, no' Michael gave a headshake. "Please don't put the blame on yourself. Everything that occurs,does so for the best. That is my opinion". "Yes, but you forewarned me before we arri
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Ethan Wells
In the morning, Jaxon and Josiah arrived.Asher's home was the gathering spot. Jaxon and Josiah had been staring into each other's eyes for approximately 20 minutes without batting an eye. Josiah finally broke the hush: "Yeah! Jax, you're right. I understood it. It would be AMAZING ". In a loud voice, he said."Slow down, you idiot." Jaxon struck him by his elbow."What the heck are you people up to?". William asked surprisingly."We were creating a PLAN". Josiah answered."What's that?" Asher enquired."Actually, it's not a plan—it's a deal". Jaxon slapped his palm over Josiah's lips as he was ready to speak.Ryan took a careful seat. "DEAL?"."Yep". Josiah nodded. "You want money, right?". Michael inquired with sincerity."No, Michael, I have nothing to do with that piece of paper." said Jaxon. "I'll assist you under one condition. (After a brief pause) I HELP YOU, YOU HELP ME "."What sort of help?". Rosie queried."Pay attention to what I say". Everyone turned to
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An Incident At Hoia-Baciu
"Wake up Henry". Josiah said.Henry was lying on the ground, unconscious. Both of them fought with John and finally, killed him. But Henry was injured. He fell unconscious.Quite a long time elapsed when:Henry came back to his senses."Josiah?". He opened his eyes slowly."Henry". Josiah moved closer to him. "Thanks God you're okay". Henry sat up and looked around. "Ryan and Michael!". He exclaimed."One of the werewolves is following them". Josiah said. "Come on let's go for help". Henry nodded and stood up. He looked back. John was lying there, dead. His body was ripped in pieces. Blood was spread on the ground. "John!". Henry felt sorry."He was your enemy". Josiah patted on Henry's chest."But he used to be a good friend of mine..". "When you were human". Josiah added. "Vampires and Werewolves can never be friends". Henry looked at Josiah and nodded."Now let's go to Michael and Ryan". Josiah continued.Both of them ran towards left to save Ryan and Michael."Ry
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The Stalker
When Asher woke up, Josiah came downstairs to Rosie, who was making soup for Asher in the kitchen. "Rosie! He's awake. You should better take the soup to him and stay by his side till everyone comes back. I am going to steal the blood bags". He instructed."How will I take care of him alone?". Rosie said."Oh come on! He's a guy! Your objections were meaningful if you were asked to take care of ETHAN! He's a simple human who has a high fever and fatigue... furthermore, if you would spend more time with him, the more fast he'll forgive you". Josiah laughed."Forgive Me?_ for what?". Rosie asked."For breaking his heart". Josiah replied. "You shouldn't hurt the people who care for you because they can even die for you". He told. "What do you think?". Rosie stood motionless for a while."Hey Girl!". Josiah waved hand in front of her eyes. Rosie shook her head. "I'll take care of him.. Don't Worry". She said and poured the soup in a bowl."Hmm". Josiah smiled. "Goodbye then".
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Adventure Day
Josiah and Henry entered the house when Rosie, William, and Michael were eating breakfast in the morning."How are you?". Josiah asked "Josiah! Henry! Come sit down ". William proposed.The vampires sat in the chairs."Waffles! Mmm!".Henry exclaimed, Looking at the dining table, which was piled high with various foods, "Give it a go". Henry received a dish of waffles from Michael.Henry leaped onto the plate.Everyone was looking at him. He devoured food like a ravenous hound.Josiah finally took the plate from him. Henry was told: "Enough, this won't satisfy your stomach". He chuckled before approaching Rosie, who was seated next to him. "What's up? I hope you are no longer terrified ". Josiah said cutely."Good". Rosie grinned."Hmm". Josiah nodded."We have a job for you guys, though"."Job". Michael recurs."Yes! Two of you will go to the flea market to take Ethan's necklace from there and two of you will go to the museum to steal the red coloured stone which contains Ethan's pow
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The Flea Market
"Come on now". Josiah said hurriedly, waiting outside in the car."On our way". Asher said. He came running out of the house while he tried to wear his overcoat."Be careful Rosie". William was a bit worried for his sister."Don't Worry". Rosie hugged her brother."Be vigilant and alert". Jaxon advised. "As soon as I come to know that you found it, I'll send Michael and Ryan to the museum". "Sure". Rosie smiled."COME ON ROSIE!". Josiah shouted."Errr-". Rosie ran at the car and sat in."Let's_ go". Josiah winked at Asher."Park right there". Josiah instructed Asher."Here we go". Asher turned the steering wheel and parked the car."Now listen to me carefully". Josiah said properly. He was quite serious. "I'll wait here in the car. I can't go inside. This place is loaded with the monsters. Act carefully. Don't do anything which moves people's attention towards you. Don't go straight to the shop. People should think that you're tourists. Do buy something before going to that shop. Kee
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