Jade has successfully sneaked out of Greenwich island and was seen sloping on a long plastic chair beside a seashore and enjoying the sunshine that usually comes before heavy downpours.

To most passersby who had come to seek fun in this serene environment, she was just a fragile and helpless girl who had probably sought loneliness to forget a heartbreaking.

Little did they know the lady who close her eyes in feign sleep had murdered countless people, and only enjoyed the contentment that comes after taking human life.

What she feels whenever she snuffs the life out of her poor victim can be compared to the euphoria that is only felt by the gods. Since they were the ones who determined if someone will live or die, feeling like them whenever she copied from their potential is something to be proud of to a sadistic mind like Jade.

Her smile became considerable when she remembered how she had snuffed life out of her miserable victims, and her journey through the forest until she arrive
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