The invader's journey was uneventful and without any confrontation until they reached the bridge that leads directly into the palace dungeon.

Far off, four mafias were seen seating in a circle as they gambled with dice and their weapons were laid beside them at arms reach.

"We need to crawl closer to the bridge so that we can be in the position to shoot them on the head and not wound them and allow them to raise alarm," Barrymore let out, crouched and signalled to his men to do the same and they all sneaked closer to the bridge.

As they get closer, the voice of the men became more audible and this made the men crouching become bolder and increased their speed.

"Oh my gosh, it is number six!"

"Wait and let me roll mine-, hahaha! Mine is six as well."

"Poor me, how can be having the lowest number on the body of this dice," a mafia who just got number one on the dice he rolled bemoaned his luck as he handed over the dice to the next man, stood up, stretched his body and walked towards t
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