Hunters not hunted

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Hunters not hunted

By: Iris Diamond OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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" Finally, I have found you guys" he paused before he continued " After hunting for you all this while, you guys can't escape any longer" " Who are you? And why have you been hunting for us?" I asked him while watching his every move " You don't need to know who I am but I was hunting for you because you are the key, the key that was hidden for sixteen years. THE SECRET KEY I burst out laughing "What's funny?" He asked puzzled " We don't know what you are saying about Hyacinth being the secret key but you are forgetting something very important" "What is that?" " We are the HUNTERS NOT THE HUNTED"

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chapter 1
Thunder striked, the sun was covered in clouds in two minutes, the day turned into night, the sea was disturbed, the ocean continues to roll, suddenly the rain started heavily with an ear crushing sound, but something else was heard over the rain, the sound came with an earthquake. The cry of a child, the cry of a new born baby, the cry of AMERA MAKASPARK.He was seen rejoicing (with joy),beaming with happiness with his wife that just gave birth at the side of the ocean. " At last, I am able to see my daughter" He said with so much happiness."Whosoever that sees you now might think that you were the one that carried her in your womb". " I didn't carry her but at least I'm the one that produced her. If not for me, do you simply think you will have her?". " Don't falter yourself because you pro..." She stopped suddenly with her husband's hand raised a bit.What? She asked using their private intimate mindlink. I heard somet
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chapter 2
"Drrrg,drrrg,drrrg" my alarm was ringing loudly across the room waking me up. I angrily smash the alarm clock and slept off again. " Lily, lily, if you don't get yourself up from the bed right now, there will be no chocolate bar for you today" my mum said entering into my room and in a lightening speed, I'm already in front of her( that's how much I love chocolate bars). " Good morning mum,I will go and bath right away, then prepare for school, come down to eat and collect my..." " Chocolate bar, I already know but why didn't your clock wake you up?" Involuntarily, I looked across the room to where the smashed alarm clock is " What the heck?" She said startled. That's my mum for you. " You smashed your clock again, the fifth alarm clock this week" "Hmn..mum, you know, hmnn... hmnn..." "No chocolate bar for you for the whole of this week" " Mummm"" I guess you don't want to be late for school on your fir
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chapter 3
“Oh my God” I said waking up “ why, why do I keep having this damn dream that doesn’t make sense” I asked myself inaudibly. I have been having the same dream since I could remember. Seeing a child in a blue basket on an ocean, the baby’s parent telling him/her to come back and I don’t even know if the baby is a female or not, not to talk of the couple there. While thinking about this, suddenly it struck me, what happened in school. Did I imagine it or what? I don’t understand. I stood up and went in front of my mirror, I looked at myself or to be more accurate my eyes. It’s still dark blue, then did I imagine it but it is impossible to imagine that my eyes that has always been dark blue turned light blue. I think I will just call Eve to come over and ask if she saw anything and in case she says she didn’t then it’s my imagination but I sighed out ‘fuck it’. I went back to my bed and took my phone, I dialed her number, it rang five times and she didn’t pick up so I was beginning to
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chapter 4
I couldn’t sleep. I kept staring into the night. The hurt is unbearable. I just can’t believe Alex could do that. My head knows and accepts it, but my mind and heart still says it’s impossible. “ Lily, you’re more than this, cheer up girl” Eve said. Obviously she had woken up when she realized I am not beside her. She had decided to stay with me all night. Perhaps she is afraid I’m going to kill myself, and actually the thought had crossed my mind more than once. “ I’m fine” I forced the sentence Pass the lump in my throat. “No you are not” “No you are not. Feel free to cry Lily, crying is not a crime”. And I did just that. Eve urged me while I cried on her shoulder more than I did when we were grandfather died. But while I was crying, a part of me died, The part that was soft, stupid, trusting. it died. And another part rose in me, a part that doesn’t give a damn, strong, badass and a bitch part Talking about Badass. I dried my tears on Eve’s shirt. “ What the hell, Do you r
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chapter 5
We entered the School and fortunately, we have English that Morning. So we both headed towards the class and well, I can’t say whether it is fortunate or unfortunate that Scott is the only one in the classroom we entered. “Morning, Scott” Eve said. “Morning Eve” Scott answered absent mindedly, I also noticed something, Scott isn’t reciting his pickup lines like usual. I looked at Eve and she understood what I’m trying to say immediately. I went to Scott left side And Eve on the other side. Then I did something that I’m very sure that if it was twelve hours ago, I can’t do it. I knocked his head and said “cheer up boy, life is a dice. It can end up with anything. So live your life to the fullest” “Trust me, she just said this truth worrying about something will solve the problem so” Eve Looked at me at that moment and we said in sync, “why do you worry?” Scott looked at me and for the first time I saw a surprise. Look on him. He always seems to already know what’s gonna hap
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chapter 6
I got to where Alexander was sitting. “What do you think you’re doing?” Alex asked devastatingly. * Being the dumb student by following the rules and regulations of Vanessa High School” I said then I collected the glass of juice that Scott wanted to consume from him and pour it on Alex’s head. “ I hope and wish you enjoy the rest”, I said with a smile and walk away with Eve behind me with students assaulting Alexander. ……………………….. Throughout that day, that was the topic of discussion. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t spot Alexander in school throughout the day, but surprisingly, I also didn’t spot Scott “Hey Lily, look at this” Eve said excitedly while trying to show me something on her phone on our way home. I smiled when I saw what she was showing me. It’s a video of when the students were throwing eggs, juice, water and so on at Alexander. *What you did was awesome. It’s trending on every social media right now” Eve said proudly. “ So you guys are
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chapter 7
We were unable to discuss again until closing hour. Now I just need a way to convince them to go to Alexander house. Especially Scott. “ Hello love, you look worried” Scott said while standing in front of me. I looked up to tell him that I want him to follow me to Alexander’s house, but immediately I looked up. I felt drawn to his eyes and I felt speechless immediately He rub my cheek in an affectionate way that I can’t help but blush. “Hey love, what’s wrong?” I heard him say in a concerned voice, but I didn’t get the chance to reply before I had the sound of the camera clicking. I looked at my side, only for me to meet sets of phone that was snapping us together. Eve looked at me from the side of her new phone she just got and winked. Wait, not at me. It's at Scotts. I looked up only to see Scott looking at me. And that was when I noticed that his left hand has now slipped to my back and he is smirking It Isn't something good when Scott is smirking So I started to process eve
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chapter 8
“An origin?” I asked. Confused. “What is an origin?” “my own question Is why you are a chagic And she’s an origin. And why did her eyes glow when you looked at her with your eyes glowing?” Eve asked as if she’s trying to solve a puzzle. Oh, and one thing Eve is also famous for is her sharp mind. “My eyes glowed?” I asked because I didn’t even notice. “ So you didn’t even realize that your eyes glowed” Scott said like a statement while nodding his head. Seems like he has finally come to a conclusion to internal debate. “I don’t think you’re an origin. I know you’re an origin” “Would you just explain what you mean by that idiot?” Eve said almost frustratedly “As your lordships pleases, bitch. I will now answer your question” Scott said. But he seems to be thinking about something. “Before my mom died, I was told by my mother that an origin comes only after every 500 years” “Five hun...” I screamed but wasn’t able to finish my sentence. “Shut up, lily and please continu
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chapter 9
I stilled, frozen in place just after that statement. I look over to Scott and Eve and they are just as surprised as I am. “ What?” I asked while looking down at my mother as if I expect her to open her eyes and tell me she was the one who made that statement. “I…I…” I heard my mom muttered before she coughed out… blood. Then slowly she started opening her eyes, even though it is obvious that it is a difficult feat. But finally she was able to open her eyes fully, even as she kept closing them every seconds “Mum” “Shush, Listen to me” my mum said difficultly and I nod in answer while noticing that Scott and Eve has move closer. “ I married Steve Imogen 21 years ago. For five years I wasn’t able to conceive and in order to cheer me up on the 10th of February 2022, which was 16 years ago”. She paused for a moment, as if trying to remember that very day. “ he took me to an Oceanside. We had fun until almost midnight on that day and I forgot about not being able to have a child that
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chapter 10
We are writing our last first term examination in Vanessa High School. Naturally, I’m always confident about my success in my examination despite not being the best, but this time around I’m totally confident in my failure in the examination. “ Lily calm down, don’t go blowing the whole school apart” Eve said in a quiet stone, I looked over to her only to see that she hasn’t written anything on her answer script either. I sighed. I should have known that Eve was never a mathematics expert, despite her sharp brain. “Love” I look at my other side, where Alexander do sit. But since that incident, Alex has not been in school and Scott has decided to take the seat two months ago when my parents died, Sorry, I meant my fake parents. I can feel the tears that are about to gather again at the thought of the people I have loved so much, people I called my parents. “Are you alright?” Scott asked. I don't know what made me speak but staring into Scotts dark eyes that is just about to sta
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