I Turned Out To Be The King Behind The Scenes

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I Turned Out To Be The King Behind The Scenes

By: doe OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I want to create a kingdom where life is as convenient as I wish it to be. A comfortable world where everyone can laugh and enjoy their lives as much as possible. That's what I truly and honestly want. Ideals without strength are nonsense, and strength without ideals is empty, right? I'm a greedy guy, but I don't have an interest in seeking strength just for the sake of power, without the ambition to do something with it. But... "What are you saying? I'm the mastermind of the war between Dragons and Humans?" "Yes, Your Majesty. At that time..." "What are you saying? I am the mastermind of the Demon Race invading the central continent?" "Yes, Your Majesty. At that time..."


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63 chapters
1. Crossing
"Big brother Arthur... Big brother Arthur... Are you all right?" A panicked voice reached his ears. When Arthur heard that panicked voice. He can't help but think,'Whose voice is this? Am I not dead? Am I saved?' Just then his head felt pain and suddenly many messages flooded his head, blocking all his perception. When the pain in his head disappeared, Arthur slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying in a European-style room. 'What is this place? So ancient.' He thought. Then he saw a middle-aged man and two beautiful girls sitting beside his bed. The middle-aged man was a Butler. He has black hair and black pupils. Although he's a Butler you can see that there's pride on his face. On the other side, the two girls were extremely beautiful, if they existed on earth they would be classified as 'beauties that can destroy a nation' The first girl has blonde hair and green pupils. She was wearing silver colored armor with blue stripes, making her look very heroic. Arthur watch
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2. Magic Artifact
Arthur looked at the object seriously. It turned out to be something similar to a cell phone from the 90s. The screen is black and white and can only make calls and send messages. Finally, from Old Arthur's memory, he knew that this object was called a Magic Artifact. Magic Artifacts were extremely mysterious objects. The living beings in this world only know that Magic Artifacts are related to the soul. 'This is indeed a good Magic Artifact when you run into a dog and throw your phone at it.' He thought Arthur took his Magic Artifact, and couldn't help but fall into contemplation. Every chosen person will have their own Magic Artifact when he/she is born in this world. "Is the transmigrator the same case?" Unable to find the answer. Arthur begins to study his Magic Artifact. His Magic Artifact only had two abilities now. The first is the ability to manufacture mobile phones, and the second is having all the capabilities of mobile phones, which means that his Magic Artifact no
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3. Parental Love
Sebas accompanied Arthur while learning how to use a cell phone and play the game "Snake". Sebas almost slammed the phone to the floor several times, because once 'Snake' got long, it must have hit a wall or his own body. Arthur ignored Sebas' childish behavior.According to Sebas, this phone is very easy to use. But he does not know, where this phone can make a lot of money. Apart from cell phone sales and monthly cell phone recharge costs.Arthur currently seeing Sebas' skill, and he was completely speechless. Sebastian Sebas [1 TB/2TB] [Peak, Qi Control Lv. 10, 100GB] [Peak, Qi Sense Lv. 10, 100GB] [Peak, Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery, 100 GB] [...]'Sebas, who are you?' he asked himself.Arthur and his mother saw Sebas for the first time on a trip to the town square. At that time, Arthur was only 5 years old seeing Sebas bound and sold into slavery. Sarah also saw Sebas and bought him as a butler for little Arthur.While Arthur was still thinking, Altria entered. She looked
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4. Arazka Kingdom, New King
Luckily his mother and old Arthur were very smart. Her mother started saving money when she found out that she was pregnant, and Arthur started saving money at the age of 6 years. Royal princes start earning monthly allowances at the age of 6 years because that's when they start their knight's training as Levies of the Order. When they are in the capital. The king's wife earned an allowance of 4.000.000 Jewel. His mother only earned an allowance of Jewel. Once his mother found out she was pregnant, she knew it was only a matter of time before they kicked her out. She started saving all her money, never spending more than what she needed. As for Arthur, when he started training as a Levies of the Order. In the royal family, he earned 2.000.000 Jewels per month, while his brothers received 3.500.000 Jewels per month. He gave all his money to his mother to save. They don't need much in life, because they ate and lived behind the palace, and never needed anything else. They were ab
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5. Human Imagination
A small disturbance rose from among those slaves. Before those slaves were bought, they had all received special training. Before the master gave them orders, they were not allowed to move, even if the master was just farting they still had to endure, so a disturbance like this shouldn't appear. But Arthur's words were too shocking, there had never before been a noble on the continent that would turn slaves into ordinary people. If you were made a slave, then you would be a slave for generations, and your descendants would all be slaves, this never changed. If Arthur was just talking nonsense. these slaves wouldn't believe it, but Arthur promised with the honor of the Ryle Clan and his Kingdom. Nobles in this world didn't easily make promises, and even if they did they wouldn't promise with the honor of their Clan, that was what nobles valued the most. As long as they promised with the honor of their Clan, they would accomplish it. In other words, what Arthur said, was all true! W
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6. Military
Those routines helped Knights build confidence in themselves, their subordinates, and their Companions. It also helped the Knights improve their leadership skills, develop a sense of belonging, pride, compassion towards others, and of course extremely strong body. What he needed, were Knights who were loyal to him, the people, and the kingdom. And not men who did things for merit or money. He didn't want the knights he had like old Arthur's subordinates in the Valencia Kingdom who only cared about merit and money. Old Arthur also was like that and only cared about merit and money. "Three days later, in the morning before the dawn of day, all knights will assemble at the inner courtyard for training. These training sessions will involve new routines, as well as your normal sword practices...All those who arrive late will not have breakfast and lunch for the rest of the day. More than 3 Absences without a good reason will result in no food for a day and intense punishment... now...
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7. The situation in the Arazka City
[Passive Skill] [Intermediate, Two-Handed Sword Mastery L8. 87GB] [Intermediate, Qi Control Lv. 5, 57GB] [Intermediate, Magic Control Lv. 5, 53GB] [Beginner, Magic Control Lv. 2, 10MB] [Beginner, Fighting Skill Lv. 2, 10MB]... [Active Skill] [Intermediate, Qi Sense Lv. 5, 59GB] [Intermediate, Manipulation Fire Lv. 5, 59GB] [Intermediate, Magic Sense Lv. 2, 28GB] [Beginer, Body Armor Lv. 3, 20MB]... [Common Skill] [Slash Lv. 10, 100MB] [Thrust Lv. 10, 100MB] [Fire Ball Lv. 10, 100MB] [Water Ball Lv. 7, 60MB]... [Extra Skill] [Fire Sword Lv. 6, 500MB] [Combo Magic Attack Lv. 4, 300MB] [Great Fire Ball Lv. 3, 200MB] ... Arthur's magic artifacts divide skills into four types of skills that can be downloaded. There are various other skills such as; monster skills, unique skills, etc. [Passive Skill] Passive Skill: An skill that can be acquired because of long practice, and will be influenced by talent. Passive Skill will not use Mana. For example: if the chef alw
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8. Mine
Arthur and the others had reached the lower region, all areas were vegetated land and farmland. Arthur could see over four hundred fields, but there were no farmers in this area. It seemed the farmers had believed that their land was barren. Looking east from the farmland, Arthur was surprised to see three castle areas. He then looked to the west from the farmland and there were two castle areas there. He turned to Luca and his group. "Why did the nobles leave the upper realms to build their castles here? Don't you think that's very strange?" "Yes, Your Majesty," said Luca, and the others nodded. "My king, there is a possibility that they found something valuable in this lower region and decided to stay here." said a shy knight. The knight had blond hair and dark brown eyes. If he were on earth he would look like a K-pop artist. He had no muscles and looked weak, like a twig. Arthur is not worried because once he started training them, they will have a lot of muscles. The kni
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9. Get Rich
The second castle area is built on another hill, 400 meters from the first. Walking in, the castle area was far cleaner than the first. They found bags of planting seeds and wheat in the kitchens, a ton of armor, swords, and also a courtyard scattered with ash and blood stains. Moving towards the back of the castle area, they found another cave entrance.Once they stepped into the cave, they saw a lot of Iron, Nickel, and Manganese ore. Nickel is a material used as an anti-rust coating on iron.Manganese is a steel material. The knights were very happy. Anyone who became a knight would be happy when they saw the raw materials for their equipment, and after hearing Arthur's explanation of these ores, they became even happier. This means that their Armor and Sword will later be stronger than their current sword and armor.After they saw the second mine, they immediately headed for the third castle area.The third castle area was further away than the previous two castle areas, probab
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10. Enlightenment
"Also, if King Valencia knows that he has given the rich land to King Arthur, he will kill them," Jonathan added."I guess if he had known, he wouldn't have given the land to King Arthur." Another knight said.Everyone nodded"They may take their workers with them, for fear that their secrets will be exposed... If the citizens find out, they will probably fight for some resources so they can sell and buy food for their families." Vergo said."Maybe that's the case. After all, since we're in the lower regions, we haven't seen any residents walking around... Since the residents believe that the land is barren, they don't come here anymore. And even if they do come to this area, the mines are very far from their farmland." said Luca."Also don't forget that the Entrance and Exit Gates of Arazka City are located in the central region, so no one will come here," added Gerrard. Everyone agrees too."I think they burned all the workers when they realized how serious their situation was," Art
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