The seven beasts were like myths in the land of Greenwich, and their tales were shared only when men had more than enough liquor in their stomachs and were braver to produce such revered names with their mortal mouths.

In truth, the seven beasts had what it takes to instil fears in the mind of those who heard of them.

Invincible and believe to possess power that makes all the elements bend to their will, their tales had metamorphosis, promoting them from men to demigods. And the fact that no one ever sees them and lives had add more spice to their fantasy.

Their notoriety came when El Guje was facing some internal conflicts with his uncle who yearned for the crown.

El Baddo who was the favourite of the royal mafias gathered an overwhelming army and invade the mafia palace to dethrone the seating king, and El Guje and his wife escaped by sneaking through the route in the dungeon and were labelled fugitives afterwards.

El Baddo climbed the throne of the mafia king and ruled only for
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